Automatic Email Organization Through Intelligent Auto-Tagging

Instead of spending endless time and energy manually sorting through and organizing your inbox, let SEDNA do it for you.

Auto-Tagging eliminates the need for folders and archiving while providing instant category, team member, and project context.

Cut Down on Administration Time

Save hours otherwise spent managing and organizing emails with intelligent Auto-Tags that provide instant message context and categorization.

Auto-Tagging not only provides automatic email organization, it increases the discoverability of information, helps with prioritization of messages, and reduces response times. 

Create More Harmonious Workflows

Streamline workflows with Auto-Tags generated from information and data securely collected from and relevant to each individual message.

You can also have dynamic tags applied using information gathered from any third-party tools integrated with your SEDNA inbox

Gain Instant Context

Get immediate message context with Auto-Tags based on an email’s content, category, people involved, and more—for consistent, accurate, and readily available project information across teams.