Top 5 Salesforce Email Integrations  

What Is Salesforce?

In a nutshell, Salesforce is a software-as-a-service company (SaaS) that is cloud-based and focused on customer relationship management (CRM). Due to this customer focus, many companies have chalked Salesforce up as purely a tool for your sales team and opted to move the rest of us on with a “nothing-to-see-here” attitude. However, Salesforce has long since broadened their horizons beyond being a sales tool only and now have found their place in marketing, customer service, and IT departments too. 

For a full breakdown of what platforms currently integrate with Salesforce, take a look at the AppExchange for a full list of Salesforce-optimized apps, including SEDNA! Before we go into detail about this match made in heaven though, let’s first take a look at some other email-related platforms that also benefit from Salesforce integrations. 

Campaign Monitor Salesforce Integration

Built for making email marketing simple, Campaign Monitor is one of the most well-reviewed integrations for email services on AppExchange and remains a favourite among email marketers for its ease of use too. Campaign Monitor isn’t a great option if you’re looking for an all-in-one communication tool, but for bulk email campaigns and managing subscribers, it’s one of the best picks out there.

Key Benefits From a Campaign Monitor Integration in Salesforce

  • Provides you with analytical data on email statistics directly within Salesforce
  • Add subscribers automatically
  • Efficiently maps Campaign Monitor email fields within Salesforce
  • Provides fast and accurate data syncing 


Outlook Salesforce Integration 

If you’re in the business of still using standard email systems (look, there’s no judgment here…well, maybe a little judgment) then the integration of Outlook with Salesforce is likely a dream come true. Integration is seamless and automatic, resulting in synced tasks, events, and contacts between Outlook and Salesforce. Not only does this application increase productivity, but you’ll also be able to reap the benefits of your Salesforce contacts and prospects being aligned to your Outlook emails. The downside? As with similar tools, Outlook also is limited in how well they can scale with your business, often leaving you with the need to accommodate a menagerie of other platforms to manage all your communications. Added to that, as of April 2021 Salesforce announced their Salesforce for Outlook product retirement

Key Benefits From an Outlook Integration in Salesforce

  • 100% visibility on all cases, contacts, records, and more without switching between accounts
  • Search Salesforce records without leaving Outlook
  • Add details to Salesforce records like emails or appointments quickly and easily
  • Benefit from templates and quick email composure features
  • Salesforce task management can be handled directly in Outlook
  • And more!

iConnect Salesforce Integration 

Small business winner of 2021, iConnect provides a fantastic email tool that has a loyal fan base. With drag-and-drop email creation, smart sending, and email automation features as just some of the elements that make up iConnect, the integration with Salesforce is, no doubt, the cherry on the top for its customers. Though iConnect’s service is limited to email campaign management, it’s a niche it does well. 

Key Benefits From an iConnect Integration in Salesforce

  • Allows you to easily track and run reports based on your leads and contacts
  • Gives you the option to create bespoke emails and email campaigns by using Salesforce custom fields 
  • Offers you the ability to track individuals over a wide range of campaigns 
  • And more!

Mailchimp Salesforce Integration

Widely recognized as a classic element of a marketer’s toolkit, Mailchimp is a great way to create standard email templates to send to potential clients or manage frequent newsletters for your audience. Placing itself firmly in the camp of a marketing tool rather than a traditional email platform, Mailchimp might not be the answer to your overall communication flow, but it’s sure as soup a great place for email design and tracking. With an intuitive interface and a wide range of resources, its integration with Salesforce is, without doubt, a welcome addition to any business currently relying on both. 

Key Benefits From a MailChimp Integration in Salesforce

  • Easily sync data between the two platforms enabling you to sync Mailchimp subscribers into Salesforce and connect them with your contacts and leads in your CRM system
  • Add Salesforce to your leads to Mailchimp, allowing you to send customized email content
  • Get analytical feedback on how your Salesforce leads are responding to your Mailchimp campaign activity
  • Customize the look and feel of the app to best suit you and your team

SEDNA Salesforce Integration 

Well, would you look at that, we made the list too. It’s almost like we planned it.

The SEDNA Salesforce integration is an ideal way of working if you’re a big team handling multiple departments and clients who rely heavily on Salesforce software. Available through SEDNA Link, the SEDNA Salesforce integration gives you access to all the relevant information from both platforms without needing to jump between.

Key Benefits From a SEDNA Integration in Salesforce

  • Easily switch who is the “owner” of a new prospect for simpler delegation and lead-handling
  • Gives you the ability to review the prospect, or opportunity, as well as the close date
  • Advance a lead onto the next stage while, again, never needing to jump between SEDNA and Salesforce
  • Add notes or new tasks quickly and easily
  • And much more!

Why SEDNA When I Have an Email System?

We know it can seem newfangled and unnecessary, but the truth is today’s businesses just aren’t the same as they were ten years ago. Email was a breakthrough that solved many issues of the time (and put the whole “send me a letter via pigeon” hobby fast out of fashion too), but with modern-day companies more often than not running global enterprises with complex needs, your traditional inbox system just isn’t cut out to handle it. Worse, it actively hinders many of us under the guise of helping. 

We’ve all been there, presiding over our own kingdom known as our “inbox”, but which may as well be renamed “lost and found” for the time we spend sifting through threads. And, of course, there’s then the endless need to write summary emails to clue the rest of your team in on a project, or else jump to another platform for fear of adding to the constant siloing problem. Email was a tool made for the individual, not the whole, and thus modern teams face a relentless administrative bottleneck where you’re either searching for information or panicking that the right information isn’t with the right people. 

Strangely, though the ways and means of how businesses operate have ceaselessly progressed and developed (just look at how common remote work has become), email has, by and large, remained unchanged within many businesses, and it’s that which SEDNA is seeking to change.

Rather than scrap email altogether and create something entirely new (say a washing line where you can peg up sticky notes), SEDNA has taken email and turned it on its head. With SEDNA, gone are the days of endless CCing or “looping” people in, and you don’t have to wince every time you dare open your inbox for fear of it screaming “125 UNREAD EMAILS!” Instead, SEDNA treats each email as a single starting point from which all conversations, calls to action, and components stem from.  

Fine, we hear you say, but what does that actually mean? Well, in short:

  • You don’t need to duplicate work by resending, forwarding, or CCing people into emails. Emails are static starting points that your whole team has access and visibility on
  • You don’t need another platform to discuss how to action an email, your team can correspond directly in SEDNA 
  • Automated tagging via data imported from your business means SEDNA can build you a clever, streamlined workflow where you only see what you need to unless you choose otherwise
  • SEDNA Link makes for easy integration with a variety of other tools and platforms, including, of course, Salesforce
  • Lightening-fast and sensitive search means you and your team save hours previously spent looking through threads
  • Templates and quick composer options allow you to create emails quicker than ever without compromising on brand tone and style
  • Setup is easy and SEDNA provide 24-7 support

Why not book a personalized demo to see how SEDNA can create a tailored solution, or why not look at our Customer Stories and see why more and more companies are choosing SEDNA?