How operators do more business by receiving less email

A shipping operator sits at a table

The unprecedented volatility maritime shippers have navigated since 2020 has made increased efficiency a focus for operations teams across the globe. Doing more with less, in any climate or market, is a must.

With 20% of shipping costs being spent on administration alone, invisible, on-shore inefficiencies add up fast. And the source of the problem is right at the fingertips of operators: their email.

Admin and compliance costs are adding up

Operators report that 60% of emails received are irrelevant, and this waste takes a huge bite out of daily productivity. Spending as much as 3 hours a day on email management, the cost of email overload is only expected to grow with increasing regulation and compliance needs. 24/7, 365, shippers have to stay compliant; mishandling of data like Personal Identifiable Information risks massive penalties.

But traditional email tools are only growing more outdated as email volumes increase. And with that growing volume comes increased exposure to fraud and risk of demurrage or lost deals.

We were spending an hour, up to three hours a day [deleting] the emails first, just so that you can download the next set of emails to work for the day.” Ha Eun Ruppelt, Ardmore Shipping

Email is the elephant in the room

The opportunity cost of not acting on the email problem can be massive. More competitive deals require best-in-class tools to ensure clear, fast communication from pre-fixture to finish — and one missed message can cost tens of thousands of dollars in business.

The impact can be felt in employee happiness as well. When more of your day is spent addressing busywork than ensuring a smooth experience for clients, employee satisfaction diminishes. Doing more for operators means closing more deals, operating more vessels, and securing more business, not navigating more emails.

A cargo vessel is loaded at a shipping container port

Operators do more when they have 90% less email

To do more, you need less email. That’s why operators building resilient, efficient on-shore businesses have addressed the email problem head-on by moving to SEDNA, the email platform purpose-built for high volume maritime communications.

In as little as 72 hours, businesses like Nova Marine Carriers, with 100+ employees receiving more than 10,000 emails a day across 11 global offices, moved their email to SEDNA. The result: in Nova Marine’s case, it was more than 1 hour a day saved for operators and charterers that would have otherwise been spent on email management.

That’s because teams see daily email volume drop as much as 90%. They also have the comfort of knowing that the Personal Identifiable Information of their clients is protected by SEDNA’s AI tools that identify, tag and remove PII from emails.

Email that satisfies employees and the bottom line

How did Glencore enjoy a 200% increase in operator capacity just by switching to an email platform designed to meet maritime needs? That’s because SEDNA intelligently connects your email to your core business systems, organizing messages automatically to ensure operators are focussed on their real work, and don’t miss business-critical information.

This, combined with collaboration-based inboxes, meant teams at companies like Nova Marine and Ardmore found themselves working together more cooperatively than ever. And the bottom-line impact of better email is undeniable. With operators saving an estimated $15,000 USD per user each year on time that would otherwise be spent on email, the cost savings of intelligent email are massive.

“[SEDNA] gives us a competitive edge, ensuring our teams can serve our customers, rather than spending hours each day managing their emails.” Ha Eun Ruppelt, Ardmore Shipping

The secret to navigating an increasingly competitive market can be as simple as giving your teams the right tool for the job at hand. With a 99% retention rate and a 12x return on investment, SEDNA-using companies across the globe are already experiencing, and continue to enjoy, doing more business with less email.

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