New at SEDNA: Added Features for Effortless Collaboration

The global shift to remote work has dramatically increased the number of teams that collaborate at a distance. This has caused many workers to rethink how they communicate and connect with their peers, but it’s a transition made easier by established tools that global teams and international businesses have successfully used to collaborate for years.

At SEDNA, collaboration at a distance is baked into what we do—you don’t reduce 95% of email volume for businesses with 160,000 employees across 35 countries unless you know how to enable people to work remotely. But even our own use of SEDNA has evolved in a remote-first environment. Our own learning over the last year has inspired a suite of new and improved features that allow teams in tech, shipping, finance, and beyond to work together more effectively.

A New “Favourite” Feature

Take, for example, Category Tags, a feature heavily used by many SEDNA customers. What’s not to love about being able to assign—either manually or automatically—incoming emails a “category” that lets you and your team know more about the project, function, or department the message applies to? Well, depending on which Category Tags you use most, you may end up scrolling through every available option in the Category Tags panel in order to apply the one that matches your needs.

That’s why we introduced Favourite Category Tags, which lets you pin the Category Tags you depend on most to the top of your Category Tags panel. Simply add or remove Category Tags to the Favourites list with a single click of the pin icon. Category Tags give colleagues inside and outside of your team vital information about a message in a split-second—and now you can apply them faster than ever.

Add or Remove Favourite.gif

Bookmark Sharing Made Simple

Emails appropriately tagged by your teammates will surface to you because of the powerful search filters SEDNA applies to a team’s inbox. We introduced Bookmarks as a way for members to save the searches they commonly use, which is a major timesaver. Because users within the same team often benefit from using the same Bookmarks as their teammates, we realized there could be even more time saved when those Bookmarks are easy to share with others.

Enter: Shareable Bookmarks, a feature that allows you to directly provide colleagues with a copy of a Bookmark you use yourself. With a click of the Share Bookmark icon, you’ll be able to select the user or team in SEDNA you want to receive a copy of your Bookmark. This is especially useful for teams, as the Bookmark’s receivers will automatically have their Bookmark updated if the sharer makes any changes to their original copy of the Bookmark.


There are plenty of scenarios where Shareable Bookmarks can empower your team and save time:

  • Bringing a new team member onboard? Set them up with the Bookmarks they’ll need to hit the ground running.

  • Taking time away for vacation? Rest easy—your team can now access the Bookmarks that make up your workflow, instead of having to build them independently.

  • Need to ensure an important client’s inquiries are answered ASAP? Share the Bookmark that makes your VIP a priority, so the whole team can see the message and respond in record time.

Lightning-Quick Cloud Access

That last example is also a major reason why we’ve added two important new integrations to SEDNA Link. In industries where minutes can mean the difference between a closed deal and a lost opportunity, you can’t afford to lose time searching for documents. When organizations sign up for Google Drive and SharePoint to house their documents, they’re also signing up to be custodians of those documents—downloading from, uploading to, and keeping order of their hosting platform.

With the latest SEDNA integrations for Google Drive and SharePoint, the same intelligent sorting principles that power SEDNA’s search are applied to your file storage. From the same view you read your email from, incoming messages can have their attachments sent directly to Google Drive or SharePoint with one click, where they’re automatically sorted to the correct folder.


And when it’s time to send a client a document from your hosting platform, SEDNA Link will let you directly access the Google Drive or SharePoint folder you have for that client right from your message composer. Now, instead of having to spend your team’s time and energy on document management and folder structure, you can let SEDNA act as the digital librarian for your document library.

Notifications for What Matters Most

When it comes to working together as a team, striking a balance between respecting the time of others and ensuring clear communications is important. Healthy boundaries are crucial to fostering collaboration (especially for remote teamwork), so it helps to provide employees with tools that help set those boundaries.

With Notifications, users can enable alerts on messages that they’ve been tagged on. Instead of looping a colleague in on an important matter using a bulky “cc” or by writing an entire new email, a tagged comment will alert your colleague to the message needing their attention, either through a desktop or in-browser Notification. You’ll not only save yourself time, but ensure your colleague is pointed directly to where their attention is needed without crowding their inbox.

Remote won’t be going away any time soon, and we’ve got a number of future features that will make team collaboration even better. If you’re already a SEDNA user, you can learn more about collaboration features by visiting our support centre. And if you’re not, then book a personalized demo of SEDNA for a guided tour of our full suite of teamwork features.