Nova Marine Shifts Remote Teams to SEDNA’s Cloud Platform

As the stakes suddenly got raised by the COVID-19 pandemic and organizations everywhere faced the daunting challenge of moving their entire business to a remote working environment, Nova Marine turned to SEDNA. Within 72 hours of a demo, the company shifted to SEDNA’s cloud platform as the enterprise communication and collaboration system to run their global offices business transactions.

On-Premise System Unable to Support Remote Workforce

Simone Anzani, Head of Information Technology, Nova Marine

Simone Anzani, Head of Information Technology, Nova Marine

Nova Marine, like many organizations that rely upon on-premise technology, was faced with a near-impossible task of supporting not just a few people who needed to work remotely but all of their employees. As Simone Anzani, the Head of Information Technology at Nova Marine, said, “the on-premise system we had been using required a fast, reliable connection along with middleware to connect people to the service. Before Coronavirus, the system was not ideal for our mobile workers, now it was near-impossible to support all our teams.”

It is worth noting that Nova Marine places a great deal of emphasis on customer service and face to face interaction. The amount of communication surrounding their business operations is astounding, as the company generates 12,000 emails every day across their eleven global offices. They needed a system that could enable their entire company to work remotely, provide a better way to manage their communication, and deliver visibility into the actions of their teammates.

Nova Marine’s Rapid Adoption of SEDNA

Vincenzo Romeo, CEO, Nova Marine

Vincenzo Romeo, CEO, Nova Marine

CEO, Vincenzo Romeo, reached out to his network to seek advice on how others are dealing with these unprecedented challenges and the solution recommended to him was SEDNA. As Mr. Romeo explains the rapid adoption, “Tuesday, I spoke to a number of colleagues, including Manu Ravano, CEO of IFCHOR who recommended SEDNA. We had a look and on Wednesday received a demo of SEDNA and by Thursday we signed our contract and began transitioning the company Friday.”

When asked what it was about SEDNA that was most appealing to Nova Marine, Mr. Romeo said, “Speed in search was unbelievable and SEDNA delivers a new approach for our teams to work. Everyone can see everything without sending more email.” He then went on to say “Business is made by people. We are submerged by email. SEDNA gives us a more efficient way to manage communication, so we can dedicate more time to working with our clients and each other in the business. If you are stuck managing thousands of emails, you are done.”

SEDNA’s Client Services Team Delivers Seamless Transition to New Cloud System

Mr. Anzani credits SEDNA’s client services team who developed a remote onboarding plan as pivotal to helping the entire company seamlessly shift from their old on-premise solution to a new cloud system that is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. He goes on to say that “SEDNA’s cloud solution removes the boundaries of on-premise technologies. It is amazing the accessibility we now have and visibility into the business without sending more emails. SEDNA is delivering a new and better way for us to work.”

Considering the stress that many organizations are going through in dealing with the impact of COVID-19, both Mr. Romeo and Mr. Anzani were incredibly relieved to have found a cloud solution in SEDNA that delivers the visibility, team collaboration, and security required to help their business. In closing, Mr. Romeo said, “I want to offer my sincere congratulations to everyone at SEDNA, very impressed! Everything is accessible, anytime, anywhere.”