SEDNA Launches API Program to Unify Enterprise Data

SEDNA launches today an API (Application Programming Interface) program as part of a broader vendor integration strategy to unify corporate information and accelerate the productivity of enterprise organizations. SEDNA is transforming the way people communicate around the jobs they need to complete via the platform and now by connecting with other programs through the API program. Organizations can leverage SEDNA’s off the shelf integrations with Veson IMOS, Shipamax, and Dataloy.


SEDNA also opened its API program to the developer community ( for others to create connections with their business applications, such as CRM (i.e. Microsoft Dynamics, Pipedrive), document management (i.e. Microsoft Sharepoint), data (i.e. Softmar, A3), cloud systems (i.e. Microsoft Azure) and more. The API program is yet another example of SEDNA bringing innovation to help enterprise organizations digitally transform the way they work.

Organizations such as NORDEN, Swire Bulk, Ardmore and Glencore have moved their email management and collaboration from legacy on-premise systems to the cloud, with SEDNA being the leading application of choice. When it comes to connecting cloud apps, APIs are the standard. Most legacy integration technology was designed in the on-premise era, and struggle to support modern API-connectivity.

Forbes magazine predicted the importance of API’s just a couple years ago in an article entitled “2017 Is Quickly Becoming The Year Of The API Economy” which said “CIOs must create and launch new business models faster to keep their companies competitive. APIs are the fuel helping to make this happen by enabling diverse platforms, apps, and systems to connect and share data with each other.” In march of this year, they wrote an article “How API’s can transform your company” and “while APIs have been around for decades, the capabilities of these increasingly sophisticated tools are now indispensable to business.”

Dan James, Director of Product at SEDNA, described the API program as an important investment the company is making to help bring the latest advancements to our customers, saying “we believe that modern CIOs and CTOs must design their own technology stack, by pulling together best-of-breed solutions to meet their firm’s unique needs. Our API program is intended to ensure that SEDNA plugs into a company’s existing technology in a powerful and integrated way.” Mr. James went onto say, “Every company is unique in the way they work, the API program helps our clients and partners build off the platform with other applications in a way that works best for their teams to get the job done most productively.”

Swire Bulk looked into a number of solutions to replace their current platform and was impressed by SEDNA’s capability to tailor its platform through APIs. Rob Aarvold, General Manager of Swire Bulk said “Building a solution in the cloud around SEDNA, IMOS, and our corporate Intranet will enable us to create a single source of truth with the data integrity that allows anyone from Swire Bulk to log onto any terminal in the world and access the information they require, instantly. Our workforce is mobile; with hundreds of business trips a year and due to the nature of the Industry our employees often work abstract hours; so it is this kind of accessibility that SEDNA provides that will deliver a competitive advantage for Swire Bulk.”