SEDNA and OrbitMI Integrate to Improve Maritime Communications

SEDNA and OrbitMI Are Making Shipping Smarter

As the communications system for some of the world’s leading shipping organizations, and with a long-held connection to the industry, SEDNA is excited to announce our newest integration with OrbitMI’s maritime intelligence platform—one that will significantly help vessel managers save and manage time, decrease risk of errors, and optimize overall performance.

OrbitMI is a technology innovation hub that is open, extensible and intelligent, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning that delivers actionable insights in the form of dashboards, alerts and visualization to those people in real-time via desktop, and smartphone.  With the SEDNA + OrbitMI integration, teams in SEDNA will be able to access and update data directly from OrbitMI and its connected platforms based on the context of specific messages. This unification creates a single source of truth for vessel management and communications, removing the need to switch between single-purpose systems and apps.

How SEDNA and OrbitMI Work Together 

OrbitMI data is embedded as a workflow around messages via SEDNA Link, allowing team members viewing a message about a specific marine voyage to instantly see its respective position details, route map, itinerary, and performance data.

There is no need for the team member to switch applications or tabs, even on mobile devices. If the message contains new information, the team member can enter it in SEDNA to OrbitMI through the integration, which may then update Voyage Management Systems and other platforms.

Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 12.06.05 PM.png

With SEDNA and OrbitMI working as one, vessel managers can have all critical information be viewable and actionable in one convenient place.

  • Vessel Details: Get instant access to vessel information, including where it’s located in the sea, consumption, and itinerary data.

  • Position Management: Add new vessels to a position list and quickly insert full position lists without copying and pasting.

  • Email Generation: Automatically create emails in SEDNA with one click in OrbitMI, send reminders to counter-parties, keep all communications and correspondence history in one location.

While working and communicating within SEDNA, teams and vessel managers will then have the benefit of its collaborative features—such as desktop and mobile notifications, Auto-Tagging, and in-app commenting—as well as drastically reduced email volume to cut down on message “noise” and be able to find and focus on the information that’s most relevant to them.

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This integration is a step forward in creating smarter, streamlined, and more manageable shipping communications—and helping organizations and team members work more efficiently and effectively both together and as individuals.

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