SEDNA Shipping Integrations


      1. A3
      2. Abraxa
      3. AXSMarine
      4. Dataloy
      5. Komgo
      6. OrbitMI
      7. Q88 Milbros
      8. Q88.Com and Q88Dry
      9. Q88VMS
      10. SAP Transport Management
      11. Shipamax
      12. Shipfix
      13. SHIPNEXT
      14. Softmar
      15. Softmar Key Features
      16. Veson
      17. Other SEDNA Integrations
      18. Enterprise Authentication
      19. Google Drive
      20. Microsoft Dynamics
      21. Microsoft Office
      22. Microsoft Sharepoint
      23. Pipedrive
      24. Salesforce
      25. Shipping and Beyond: Could SEDNA Work for You?


Aptly sharing a name with a sea-goddess, SEDNA has become synonymous with the maritime and shipping industries built upon decades of industry knowledge and involvement. With a focus on team communications and reducing email volume for smarter collaboration, SEDNA has become a key fixture within the shipping industry, streamlining the workflows of industry leaders such as Monson Agencies, NORDEN, and Western Bulk

Since then, SEDNA continues to evolve to support existing and new maritime tools and platforms that enable users to integrate their technologies for more streamlined communication and collaborative workflows. With SEDNA’s open API, as well as SEDNA Link, these integrations have become increasingly seamless as we begin to empower partners and customers to build their own integrations.

To date, SEDNA’s net has been cast wide to include partnerships with many of the industry’s leading and most-used maritime management tools. We’ve outlined some key SEDNA shipping integrations below. If a platform you’re using isn’t listed please let us know as it may be in development, or we can engage with you or the platform vendor to aid your digital transformation journey.

Shipping integrations

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If you’re a shipping agent juggling multiple port calls and buckling under a wave of endless administration, then A3 Agency Systems is for you. Built by and for port agents, A3 offers you purpose-built and automated tools for a more efficient workflow to help you manage everything from FDA production to managing your financial exposure.

A3 Key Features:

  • One interface to access all documents and data
  • Easily streamline the DA process
  • Increase performance and reduce wasted time
  • Easy collaboration with principles and the shipping community



As a port agency, we know that endless spreadsheets and email reports can become an overwhelming problem with seemingly no end in sight. If that’s the case then Abraxa might just be the breath of fresh air you’ve been looking for. With a variety of tools including the ability to monitor and analyze your operations, and a 360 overview of your port call data in one central location, Abraxa gives you some much-needed organization.

Abraxa Key Features:

  • Automatically generates port call documents with pre-built templates
  • Allows you to easily organize disbursements with ease
  • Offers updates and reports events in real time
  • Allows you to track performance quickly and easily
  • Protects your sensitive data



Over 20 years ago, AXSMarine has started their journey with a single goal in mind—helping the shipping community benefit from digitalization. AXSMarine now leads this transformation providing all-in-one SaaS shipping solutions for Dry, Tanker, and Liner.

AXSMarine Key Features:

  • An ecosystem of multiple integrated solutions for shipbrokers, shipowners, operators, and charterers
  • Security by design across multiple interconnected applications and workflows
  • Data intelligence at its heart, 50,000+ proprietary polygons, tracking terrestrial and satellite sources collect, analyze, clean, and deliver ever-evolving data intelligence
  • Entirely online-based, with no time or site restrictions
  • Complimentary support and training services, customized and interactive



Dataloy is a voyage management system software for integrated chartering and vessel operations. They work with over 70 clients from around the world and manage voyages from every stage of the process, from distance calculations to post-fixture planning, and more. With an agile approach to working, Dataloy is an excellent addition to your maritime management arsenal.

Dataloy Key Features:

  • Simple web-scale business intelligence tool to make reporting easy
  • 360 overview with fleet allocation and scheduling
  • Clever API that allows you to update, retrieve and enter data into the VMS



Komgo is designed to take the complicated nature of trading networks and offer a safer and simpler alternative. From harmonizing data to building unique documentary audit trails to safeguard against potential fraud, Komgo streamlines your finances and allows you to onboard new clients quickly and easily.

Komgo Key Features:

  • Authenticated messaging to allow for secure banking instructions
  • Allows for optimized liquidity and risk management
  • Allows you to easily track document trails
  • Client renewal and onboarding is simplified for accelerated KYC



Renowned for its smart technology, OrbitMI is a maritime company whose data-driven software helps your business become more efficient and secure by transforming raw data into actionable insights. Together, SEDNA and OrbitMI are making shipping smarter. 

OrbitMI Key Features:

  • Nautical Distance Calculator allows you to calculate distance, routes, ETAs and deviate voyages as needed
  • Easy vessel and fleet management including tracking information
  • Gives you real-time alerts and notifications
  • Provides automated IMO reports
  • Allows you to edit, review or add SIRE and CDI inspections


Q88 Milbros

With Q88 Milbros, shipping professionals can benefit from 24-7 information on cargo cleaning, handling and safety information, both online or offline.

Q88 Milbros Key Features:

  • Risk management capabilities reduce disruptive cargo incidents 
  • Increase productivity and reduce cleaning time for quicker vessel turnaround time
  • Reduce dependency on Supercargoes with up-to-date information
  • And more!


Q88.Com and Q88Dry

Sparked from a simple conversation back in 1998, Q88 has become synonymous with the maritime industry and today has a plethora of solutions available for the tanker and bulk shipping community. With Q88Dry, managing critical dry bulk vessel and fleet information has never been easier. With risk greatly reduced by giving you access to the latest data and automated questionnaires limiting time spent on manual processes, Q88Dry is an ideal way for individuals in the maritime industry to collaborate and leverage information as part of their chartering and vetting process. Take a look at our blog for a detailed case study of SEDNA’s integration with Q88.

Q88Dry Key Features:

  • Can automatically complete questionnaires for saved time
  • Reduces cost by up to 30%
  • Minimizes risk via access to the latest data from one single source



Q88VMS in a one-stop shop for voyage management. From assessing market conditions and competitors to tracking your voyages and evaluating cargoes, Q88VMS offers over 100 years of combined VMS experience to give you an intuitive and valuable tool for simple vessel management.

Q88 VMS Key Features:

  • Intuitive interface for fewer mistakes
  •  Designed to meet your niche business needs
  • Helps you easily keep track of the bottom line
  • Runs on the internet no matter the device for flexible working


SAP Transport Management  

SAP brings reduced noise and complexity for the transportation industry by integrating fleet and logistics management for real-time visibility for your network. 

SAP Transport Management Key Features:

  • Supports the delivery of cargo more effectively and efficiently
  • 360° platform visibility for shippers with ample opportunities for expansion and collaboration
  • Transportation and demand planning
  • On-site and cloud deployment 
  • Interactive freight tendering 
  • And more!



Whether data automation is an entirely new endeavour for your business or you’ve made those first shaky steps to automating your logistics, Shipamax can help you reach your goal. Not only can Shipamax software accurately handle invoices and credit notes allowing your team more admin-free time, but it also offers out-of-the-box integration with your existing systems.

Shipamax Key Features:

  • Clever invoicing automation saves time spent manually categorizing and validating
  • Easy integration with your existing systems
  • Removes the admin surrounding Master Bill arrivals and provides your team with clear next steps
  • Provides automated and real-time job creation



Maximizing the use of clever AI, Shipfix is a collaborative data platform for the maritime and trade industries. Focusing predominantly on real-time collaboration, Shipfix allows businesses to benefit from granular shipping filters within custom inbox tabs as well as data-enriched integration with directories.

Shipfix Key Features:

  • Gives granular shipping filters across custom inbox tabs
  • Simple directory integration
  • Real-time collaboration and dynamic contact lists
  • Unprecedented data insights
  • Powerful and live mapping features



Offering a full A-to-Z process for the shipping community, SHIPNEXT combines email and messaging processing with the added convenience of facilitating freight search, chartering, and data management. Covering all types of trade—and with no limits on the size, type, form, and destination of the cargo, SHIPNEXT is part of shipping’s shift toward digitized workflows. 

SHIPNEXT Key Features:

  • Data connectivity and management 
  • Freight search and matching 
  • Cargo tracking
  • Digitalization of workflows
  • Freight Tendering and analytics
  • And more! 



The Softmar modules employ ION technology to provide you with data-driven insights that allow for a complete picture of your shipping operations. With custom functionality for vessel operations and chartering, Softmar is also able to employ risk management to give you complete peace of mind.

Softmar Key Features:

  • Track where your vessels and cargo are at any time
  • Supports the operation of vessels and voyages
  • Helps you manage all derivatives for freight and bunkers
  • Supports the full chartering and operation needs of your business
  • Risk management capabilities



With a platform built to revolutionize commercial maritime fleet and freight management, Veson is well known for helping the maritime industry pivot towards digitalization. 

Veson Key Features:

  • Cloud-based for 24-hour accessibility 
  • Core solutions for specific maritime challenges including Bunkering, Berth Scheduling, and Voyage Reporting
  • Support and features for complex and specialized workflows 
  • Data-driven insights including financial and analytical


Other SEDNA Integrations


Looking for non-shipping SEDNA integrations? Take a look at our most popular integrations below:


Enterprise Authentication

A universal identity platform provides your people, partners, and customers a single identity to access applications and collaborate from any platform and device. SEDNA supports the following options to help standardize your application authentication and authorization:

  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory / Office 365
  • 3rd Party Identity Provider (OIDC)
  • 3rd Party Identity Provider (SAML)


Google Drive

Built for easy teamwork and document management, Google Drive has become a quintessential tool for any complex business dealing with numerous files across multiple teams.

Google Drive Key Features:

  • Access key documents from anywhere at any time
  • Work on and store multiple document types
  • Collaborate on documents in real-time with comments, edits, and share options
  • SSL encryption
  • Always work on the most up to date version of any document
  • And more!


Microsoft Dynamics

With Microsoft Dynamics, customer relationship management is made simple and gives users access to data insights, intelligent solutions, and planning functionality:

Microsoft Dynamics Key Features

  • Supply chain monitoring for efficient business transactions
  • Financial management features for a holistic overview of business accounting practices 
  • Human resource support tools for quicker and simpler employee management
  • And More! 


Microsoft Office

With an intuitive suite of tools including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, to name a few, Microsoft Office is a widely used set of applications designed to support teams with everyday office tasks

Microsoft Office Key Features:

  • Widely used software with near-universal compatibility with other tools and devices
  • Access information anytime from any device 
  • Intuitive design for quick uptake 
  • Online support for maximum productivity
  • And more!


Microsoft Sharepoint

Combining document management with collaboration capabilities, Sharepoint is a key tool for many businesses. It’s especially useful for bridging the gap between disparate teams.

Microsoft Sharepoint Key Features:

  • Easy collaboration across other core applications like Onedrive and Microsoft Office, plus many more. 
  • Workflow creation for more efficient progress towards end goals 
  • Library creation for easy file management and metadata collection 
  • And more! 



A much-loved CRM tool, Pipedrive allows users to easily track their leads and keep note of key interactions with prospects as part of an overall sales funnel.

Pipedrive Key Features:

  • Allows users to see what their existing activities are and means a reduction in schedule clashes
  • Workflow optimization provides a system for greater team productivity and efficiency 
  • Customer data is on hand to enrich relationships and maximize sales potential 
  • And more!



A cloud-based tool focusing on customer relationship management, Salesforce has also branched out into a tool for marketing and IT departments too. 

Salesforce Key Features:

  • Provides a 360° overview of all the deals a team is pursuing via an intuitive sales dashboard
  • Offers lead management and prospecting functionality 
  • Improves customer retention with quick connectivity features 
  • Allows businesses to create e-commerce channels for an integrated shopping experience for both B2C and B2B clients 
  • And more!


Shipping and Beyond: Could SEDNA Work for You?

So, is SEDNA for you? If you’re involved in the maritime industry and you’re struggling to manage your email volume and notifications then SEDNA likely has a solution for you. Each SEDNA adoption is customized to allow you to focus on what’s important without compromising on security or your current platform integrations.

Of course, what started with shipping has progressed into something with a much wider scope. Are you a large company with communication breakdowns that spends more time sifting through emails than actually focusing on tasks? Is admin addling your workflow? Is there a better way to manage your team and tasks regardless of where in the world your business operates?

Whether you’re in the financial, legal, or something-else-entirely sector, SEDNA can help you reimagine the way you work for saved time, better collaboration, and a more centralized digital workspace. Why not download our free product overview or else book a personalized demo to see just how powerful SEDNA can be for your company?

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