Shipping Industry Adopts SEDNA to Digitally Transform

The latest results show a change is happening in the shipping industry as more and more organizations choose SEDNA as their communication and collaboration platform. Sales grew 605% over the previous year, as a record number of organizations switch over from legacy systems and chose SEDNA over alternatives as their key platform.

According to Sture Freudenreich, Head of IT at NORDEN, “Switching to SEDNA gives us the chance to re-examine our workflows and potentially save hours every day in team collaboration. The system is in line with our ‘Focus & Simplicity’ strategy, which will help us unlock valuable resources to develop and grow our business.”

When it comes to IT selecting a new vendor, many are looking to SEDNA as much for the technology as for the expertise in change management to help with a successful transition.

Ardmore is one of those organizations which investigated a number of providers but ultimately choose SEDNA. As Commercial Project Manager, Ha Eun Ruppelt said “Their platform lives up to the idea of a modern, user-friendly cloud solution. However, what really sold us was the people at SEDNA. We view them as a partner with the expertise and support to help us digitally transform.”

Nearly 50,000 projects were managed via SEDNA last year as hundreds of teams relied upon the platform to help organizations manage the safe passage of hundreds of vessels. The number of projects are what unites teams on SEDNA as each of these are related to a voyage, vessel, a commodity trade, an inspection, or a port call that thousands of employees use to unite their communication. As Bill Dobie, CEO of SEDNA highlighted, “this growth is a testament to the importance of the system in managing high-value business transactions across teams, offices and continents.”

This past year also saw the culmination of a major update to the SEDNA platform, highlighted by these five advancements:

  1. A unified user interface to better manage communication and collaboration across teams.

  2. Search millions of messages, instantly with better filters, auto-completion to personalize content, and use of bookmarking to save frequent search queries.

  3. Enhanced tagging to find information even faster through expanded tagging functionality and auto-tagging that matches incoming content.

  4. Rich message composition with the introduction of standard message templates, content snippets, and data integration that makes sending messages more efficient.

  5. Modern security using a new sign-in system that leverages multi-authentication (MFA) to enhance communication and document security.

The updates to our desktop and mobile applications have generated positive industry comments and user adoption. Joseph Keefe, Editor, Maritime Logistics Professional, wrote that “Before and during any project, the improvements that SEDNA brings to any team’s efficiency can be the difference between success and failure…the potential savings are almost beyond comprehension.”

The future looks bright for SEDNA, as the company just received the “Ready to Rocket” award recognizing the top private companies best positioned to capitalize on future trends. Managing Partner, Reg Nordman of Rocket Builders, the consulting firm that chose SEDNA said “Each year when we choose the Ready to Rocket companies, we are looking for those companies that have best matched technical innovation with market opportunity. SEDNA is an excellent example of the right technology for the right customers at the right time.”