Shelly acquisition: The power of AI to transform the freight forwarding industry

The logistics industry is one of the backbones of international trade, and without it, the world would grind to a halt.

But in such a fast-paced and pressurized field, outdated email platforms are costing freight forwarding companies time, customers and revenue.

The problem? Email fuels core freight forwarding activities, whether it’s providing quotes to customers, understanding potential delays, or communicating across multiple parties around the globe to solve complex supply chain problems. Basic email systems lack the visibility you need to optimize these actions–resulting in missed revenue opportunities and unhappy customers.

The solution? SEDNA has acquired email automation solution, Shelly, to help organizations automate repetitive, time-draining tasks, and improve internal processes–boosting customer satisfaction, team productivity and business profitability all in one go.


How it works


Animation: Example of how easy it is to process an invoice with Shelly inside the SEDNA platform

SEDNA is already helping supply chain organizations to simplify their workflows, collaborate better and respond faster than ever before–saving people up to two hours each and every day at work.

With Shelly, SEDNA now has an additional layer of automation and intelligence specifically designed to support the fast-moving logistics and freight forwarding industries.

Shelly works by using custom-built automations which can identify the “intent” of an email– from a customer requesting a new quote, to a carrier providing a proof of delivery. It then extracts the important data from the email or attachment and sends that information to other internal systems. It also allows for advanced categorization and routing of emails to the right internal parties based on multiple factors. 

The result: faster customer response time, better data, and less time spent by your operations team manually reviewing emails. 

Shelly’s expert team works with its customers to design and implement bespoke automations for your unique business needs. As a result, users have access to all their third party data and documents on a single pane of glass within the SEDNA platform. This reduces manual work and frees up employees’ time to spend on more important tasks. 

When disconnected systems are unified, your inbox becomes a situational dashboard for providing real-time insights and a macro view of your overall business. With the addition of Shelly to the SEDNA platform, you and your teams can collaborate around and action tasks more easily than ever.

Want to learn more?

For more information about how SEDNA and Shelly can support your business, contact [email protected]