SEDNA and Shipamax Create a Personalized Inbox to Reduce Email by 70%

SEDNA is proud to announce today a partnership with Shipamax that will enable teams to cut email volumes 70% without the fear of missing out on new information by removing redundant messages and creating a personalized inbox. According to Jenna Brown, CEO and Co-Founder of Shipamax,

“Communicating via email is not going away, but we can get much better at managing huge email volumes. A two-way sync between your inbox and automated position/cargo list enables smarter searches and less information overload compared with two stand-alone systems. We’ve had an Open API mentality from day one, and wanted to work with the best-in-class industry solutions – SEDNA has established itself as that leader.”

Jean-Guy Faubert, CRO of SEDNA, went on to say that it is such a natural fit in bringing the two solutions together as

“Shipamax and SEDNA are both working to solve the same problem and help organizations transform the way people communicate via email.” He goes on to say “together we are modernizing a legacy software system long neglected but too important to abandon as enterprise organizations manage an increasing amount of laborious workarounds. IT leaders and CEO’s have come to a breaking point, they are seeking a change and looking for solutions like ours to meet today’s communication demands.”

Shipamax’s data shows that as much as 70% of the emails organizations receive contain no new information and yet people are still sifting through and filing thousands of messages a day. Ms. Brown goes on to explain

“When you’re receiving 2,000+ emails a day, even one second per email adds up to days of manual admin every month from your most valuable team members. Add to that the time trying to search your way back through those emails to find what you’re looking for – that’s a lot of waste”.

Mr. Faubert echoed her statements by saying “as organizations turn to digital solutions as a means to be more effective, many are using email as the first step in transforming their business by meeting people where they work and providing a better solution to collaborate, search for information and filter only the most relevant messages.” Consider that when it comes to making global trade a reality, the flow of goods and services is underpinned by a corresponding flow of information, through email. Personal email systems were never meant to manage high-volume, highly complex enterprise transactions. Organizations are looking to SEDNA as a purpose-built solution to help manage critical communication.

The excitement for a solution that combines both SEDNA and Shipamax appears to be building within the industry, when Martin Hjelle, Head of Technology at Western Bulk heard of the partnership, he said: “It will totally change how chartering works.”

As Mr. Faubert explains, the value of time that can be saved for ship owners, brokers, charterers and agents can be significant: “Time is a highly valuable commodity and there are thousands of hours – worth millions of dollars – being wasted on tasks that software systems like SEDNA can eliminate by integrating with Shipamax and others such as IMOS from Veson.”