Shipping Software and the Power of Remote Work With Account Executive, James Moses

When it comes to finding out the value of SEDNA and the work trends within the Shipping Industry, SEDNA’s Account Executives are incredible sources of knowledge and insight. Today, SEDNA sat down with the delightful James Moses to get his unique perspective on SEDNA as a tool for remote work and a competitive advantage for the complex world of Shipping. 

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Can you tell us a little about your role at SEDNA?


My role as an Account executive is to help understand the challenges that companies face with their current workflows. These challenges include information retrieval, problems with email management, and internal communication processes. Once I’ve noted the challenges, I can then highlight the various features of SEDNA that can help.

How is SEDNA useful in combating the email problem often found in complex businesses like Shipping and Logistics? 


The Shipping and Logistics industries are built with many supporting service providers with numerous contractual obligations and moving parts. The sum of all of this leads to vast levels of email communication. At SEDNA, we decrease that noise by intelligently directing emails to those that actually need to see them while also enabling teams and organizations to improve their internal collaboration. 

Another stand-out feature is our ultra-fast boolean search, which enables customers to instantly obtain what they require—something that’s vital for the Shipping Industry where time is money. The alignment of all of these features is hugely powerful, with many users explaining to us that due to SEDNA, they save up to two hours per day.


Why is SEDNA such a powerful tool for remote work?


The information that SEDNA highlights to its users means people don’t need to rely on sitting around the same desk waiting for a team member to shout about an important email! We have built the platform to enable users to understand what their team members have seen and are working on via our Activity Panel, giving everyone involved full context around jobs and tasks. Add this to the intelligent filtering of emails, so users see just what they need to, and you realize that SEDNA is a powerful tool for remote work. 

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Why is it important for the Shipping Industry to consider remote work?


The Shipping Industry is a relationship-led business, and the ability to travel while keeping on top of your day-to-day is a crucial aspect for users. The advantage of building great relationships while on the move is one that SEDNA is particularly good at facilitating by ensuring users never miss an important message or fall out of the loop on discussions. 


Of course, the benefits of remote work don’t just end there. Not only can remote work allow Shipping companies to be more competitive in hiring as they can look for talent globally, but it also provides a morale boost and flexibility for employees. Add to that the decrease in office space costs (which typically are very high due to centralized locations), and the appeal of remote work becomes apparent.


Do you think the Shipping Industry’s move towards digitization is accelerated with tools like SEDNA? 


Despite the common perceptions, the Shipping Industry is actually very open to change. The only caveat to that is an expectation for tools to offer an instant and substantial benefit to the company, which is understandable given the fast-paced, competitive nature of the industry. 


 I would say that tools like SEDNA are definitely accelerating this process towards digitization—and this is supported by our growth. 


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