Smart Email Platform for Complex Communication

Modern businesses are approaching an inflection point.

The weight of all the cumulative, disconnected tools running enterprise operations threatens to overtake peoples’ ability to work effectively.

Divided attention, siloed information, and fragmented context seem inescapable.

Using a smart email platform is how to break free of this inertia. SEDNA is that communication space–and is empowering organizations in the supply chain and beyond to work with increased simplicity, speed and security.

“The difference in [remote] new hires’ progress that we have seen, from people who are on SEDNA to who are not on SEDNA, is night and day. SEDNA provides what I call ‘wholeness of data,’ meaning all the historical information is all in one place.”


Ha Eun Ruppelt,
Commercial Project Manager Ardmore Shipping

See the Big Picture

We think big and bring a broad perspective to help people work better together.

A Whole New Approach to Email

SEDNA is a smart email platform that helps enterprises in the supply chain and beyond to escape the noise and confusion of traditional email systems.

In an increasingly complex and fragmented world of work, we provide high-performance teams with the tools they need to communicate with confidence and execute tasks with speed and precision–so they can stay focused on what matters most to them.

Our Commitment to You

We strive to protect one of the most valuable resources we all share: time.

We celebrate diverse thinking that challenges complex problems.

We believe egoless collaboration and transparency lead to spectacular results.

Industry Leaders Rely On Our Intelligent Communications System

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