Case Study

How Bunge Unified Their Supply Chain With SEDNA

With over 25,000 employees across 40 countries, agribusiness Bunge Limited needed a way to bring teams within their supply chain together. They used SEDNA’s intelligent communication system to harmonize workflows, processes, and information across the company—and save massive amounts of time in doing so.

The Challenge

Bunge’s supply chain included many different departments, each with their own way of operating. This made for disjointed processes, redundant tasks and communication, and wasted employee and company time spent managing disconnected systems and email threads.

The Solution

To better unify their teams and supply chain, Bunge used SEDNA to help them:

  • Reduce time managing and archiving emails

  • Get better visibility into cross-company communication and supply chain operations

  • Instantly retrieve historical information

  • Create cohesive processes across different teams

The Results

Bunge gained teamwide insight throughout each step of the supply chain, had lightning-fast access to historical data and conversations, decreased employee time spent doing administrative work, eliminated the need for archiving with cloud-based storage, and empowered a more focused and productive team.

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