Case Study

Saving 37.5 hours a week: How Casper Group saw results within days using SEDNA’s Workflow automation feature


Casper Port Agency is one of the oldest UK’s port agency companies. As innovators in the industry, Casper wanted to find a better way to manage work between teams and automate processes that are otherwise manual. With this in mind, Casper sought a new way of working with SEDNA.

The challenge

Email at Casper used to be a manual process. Their workflow relied heavily on documentation, which included printing out emails and collaborating beyond the email inbox.

Especially the processing of customs information generated a large amount of manual work.

To ensure all paperwork was accurately processed, team members were manually copy pasting information out of PDF documents and inserting them in their destination.

The solution

Since implementing SEDNA, Casper has been experiencing a marked increase in collaboration between teams. From managing email individually, their team members now work from one shared inbox.

In order to reduce time spent managing customs forms, Casper made use of SEDNA’s data extraction functionality, Workflow automation: First, emails and attachments are read and scanned for information. Then, Workflow automation intelligently pulls out the required data from customs documents and automatically places it into the system of record.

The results

After just one week, Casper saw a substantial decrease in time spent managing customs information: A total of 37.5 hours a week were saved, freeing up the team members to focus their time on other important tasks.


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