Case Study

How Mohrbooks Reduced Business Noise With SEDNA

Operating since the 1930s, Mohrbooks is the oldest literary agency in the German-speaking territory. As you can imagine, the paper trails and emails for a company such as this can be extensive, complicated, and noisy. While Mohrbooks realized that email was an essential part of their business, they also knew it was a process that was slowing them down. With this in mind, Mohrbooks sought a new way of working with SEDNA.

The Challenge

Like many complex businesses, the volume of emails Mohrbooks received eventually became a pain point of miscommunication, duplication, and hours of wasted time trying to find or make sense of documents. 

As Mohrbooks discovered, SEDNA has turned email into intelligent data points without the need for duplication, greatly reducing email volume and confusion.

The Solution

With SEDNA, Mohrbooks were able to:

  • Reduce email overload and ensure the right emails were received by the right people
  • Collaborate seamlessly with SEDNA’s Activity Panel for a 360° overview of who has seen, read, and responded to a message
  • Save time with ultra-fast boolean search functionality that can surface information within seconds
  • Easily see what’s the priority with Buckets and Auto-Tagging

The Results

With the power of SEDNA’s smart features, Mohrbooks have been able to make emails points of action, rather than being the cause of delays and frustration. With intelligent features like Auto-Tagging, Mohrbooks were better able to see where they needed to invest their time, rather than dealing with a chaotic inbox where everything looks like a priority.

For businesses like Mohrbooks, where email is a crucial part of the workflow, SEDNA’s collaborative and intelligent solutions can free up time, reduce mistakes and empower teams to do more work with greater ease.

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