Case Study

How Monson Agencies Reduced Email Volume by 90% Using SEDNA

SEDNA’s intelligent communication system helped Monson Agencies Australia decrease email volume by 90%, boost productivity among teams, and save significant amounts of time and resources.

The Challenge

Monson’s previous email system was built for individuals, not teams. They received a staggering 1.8 million emails per month, causing their terminal environment to become non-responsive and negatively impact team productivity.

The Solution

After researching alternative solutions, Monson called upon SEDNA to help them:

  • Reduce email volume
  • Instantly find past emails within a single system
  • Integrate with an external appointment system to automatically tag all incoming emails
  • Increase visibility into the whole team’s activity

The Results

Monson achieved a 90% reduction in email volume, cut down 2-3 hours’ worth of individual email management workload, eliminated a bimonthly need to bulk archive emails, and increased overall team transparency and productivity.

Download the case study

Download the full case study to learn how it all worked.