Case Study

How Email Automation and Faster Collaboration Doubled Efficiency For NORDEN


100 years in shipping has given NORDEN plenty of experience being on the cutting edge of maritime technology. But yesterday’s cutting edge tech was slowing NORDEN’s future growth: its once-innovative email platform was having trouble staying current with the times.

The challenge

NORDEN employees struggled to find information and make quick decisions because the home for their business communications was out-of-date.

Searchable keywords were the one remaining benefit of an email platform that couldn’t keep pace with the time-sensitive nature of their business. NORDEN needed a modern platform that would maintain their keyword-based filing system, and their library of 40 million historic emails.

The solution

Moving to SEDNA let NORDEN’s keywords become tags that are assigned automatically — this not only preserved their existing workflows, but enhanced them, by removing the repetitive task of manually applying keywords to new emails.

Meanwhile, processes that once generated too much email were further optimized by SEDNA collaboration tools. Internal email for invoice approvals dropped more than 50%, because finance and operations teams didn’t have to create new emails to share context.

And because of SEDNA’s shared inbox structure, important context from the millions of historic emails successfully transferred to the new platform could be easily shared across teams, boosting collaboration and teamwork.

The results

Now back on the cutting edge, NORDEN was able to not only enhance their existing workflows, but automate out redundant tasks and unnecessary email. By more than doubling the efficiency of their workflows, NORDEN teams were able to pass the benefit of their unlocked time onto their clients.

Want email as your competitive advantage?

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