Case Study

How NORDEN Speeds Up and Simplifies Finance Management Workflows With SEDNA

Many of the over 6,000 emails NORDEN—a Danish shipping leader with eleven offices across six continents—received daily were related to transactions, invoices, and general management of finances. While their use of SEDNA across teams has reduced email volume by 90% and streamlined organizational workflows, it’s proven particularly helpful in keeping order and track of financial communications.

The Challenge

The key element of integration was missing for NORDEN when using their previous email system. Siloed, individualized inboxes and limited interconnectivity with other tools meant jumping around to find information and take necessary action. This resulted in wasted time, disorganization, and a lack of transparency that made it hard to work both efficiently and securely.

The Solution

To accelerate and simplify their finance management workflows, SEDNA used SEDNA to help them:

  • Transform multi-step, multi-tool processes into a few simple clicks
  • Save company and employee time through automatic organization
  • Balance necessary transparency with reliable security
  • Supercharge their ability to search for, locate, and prioritize specific information and conversations with speed and accuracy

The Results

SEDNA’s team inboxes, integration capabilities, and powerful search functionality have made everything accessible, in one place, for all relevant people—drastically reducing the time and energy spent on processing and managing financial communications and improving overall productivity. All while maintaining the security necessary for handling sensitive financial information.

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