Case Study

Saving employees 8 hours a week: How Norvic Shipping found 20% more time for clients across the organization


Norvic Shipping is a leading international dry bulk vessel operator. With over 100 ships on the water at any given time, their communication needs are constant. Norvic wanted to find an email system that helped them keep up with client demand as the business scaled.

The challenge

After a decade of successfully providing unique logistics and freight services, Norvic Shipping found itself facing the same problem as older industry names: too much email.

Hundreds of incoming messages that required filing every day. Response times slowed down by searching for a message — or worse, losing track of it entirely. Time lost to email management and money spent on on-premise servers were ballooning. Something had to change.

The solution

Switching to SEDNA provided Norvic with an off-premise, cloud-based email service that complemented their business, instead of slowing it down.

Time wasted on message filing was eliminated, thanks to automatic tagging of incoming emails. And the number of internal messages plummeted, because teams could now share and comment on each individual message.

And because of team-based inboxes, staying on top of unactioned messages became easy, reducing the time clients spent waiting for a response.

The result

With more than a 100 SEDNA users now working 20% faster than they did before, Norvic’s time-savings were dramatic. Returning as much as 8 hours a week frees up Norvic’s operators to work on what matters, like providing superior service to clients.

How much faster can you work with SEDNA?

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