Case Study

How Western Bulk Revolutionized Their Workflows With SEDNA

With a fleet of over 150 commercial vessels to their name and a global customer base to manage, dry bulk shipping company Western Bulk was fast becoming victim of its own success. Armed with a collaboration model that was failing to scale with the growth of the business, Western Bulk switched to SEDNA’s intelligent communications system to reduce wasted time and find a new way of managing email overload and its related problems.

The Challenge

Western Bulk wasn’t able to scale with the increasingly high volume of emails being received. Not only did this make searching for specific emails almost impossible, but routinely led to system crashes—a problem only intensified when any search attempt was made via mobile.  And with such a high volume of emails in siloed accounts, phishing attempts were both inevitable and harder to spot across the organization.

They looked to SEDNA for a more efficient and collaborative communication system that would easily integrate with other areas of their business.

The Solution

With SEDNA, Western Bulk were able to:

  • Reduce email overload and ensure the right emails were received by the right people
  • Remove the worry of constant system crashes
  • Increase security by having one core mailbox that all employees could access and discuss potential phishing concerns
  • Experience seamless integration with existing software

The Results

The company-wide efficiency of Western Bulk increased almost immediately with, on average, 2 to 4 hours saved per day that would have previously been spent on manually filing messages.

Security has increased too—with a group-mailbox approach, everyone can be accountable for remaining vigilant against phishing scams. Perhaps most importantly, however, is that email management is now streamlined to ensure the right information gets to the right people. With fast and easy search features, seamless integration with other necessary softwares and a simpler means of collaboration across a global team, Western Bulk has seen vast improvements to both their workflow and their team communication.

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