Your Digital Transformation Made Easy

Make the leap to a better way of working, without missing a beat—that’s SEDNA’s change management process.

“SEDNA’s one-mailbox, one-team concept has strengthened the communication and collaboration of our teams across the board. It has simplified our company email set-up and reduced the impact on our servers, leading to faster performance all round. Big tick from us.”

Monique Costantino,

We Prepare Your Organization for Switching to SEDNA

Readiness assessment of architecture and key stakeholders at the enterprise and project level forms the blueprint for how we get your operations SEDNA-ready.

Assess Your Existing Setup

Our change management specialists conduct discovery sessions and workflow analysis to fully understand your team’s current business communications process.

Discover Your Specific Needs

We craft a plan to adapt workflows (folder hierarchy, forwarding, etc.) and establish categories, tag definitions, and reference formats to make your data migration a breeze.

Introduce Your Team to SEDNA

Future SEDNA users are introduced to the platform by those who know it best, thanks to specialist outreach and webinars that engage employees and identify internal champions.

We Partner With Your People for Seamless Implementation of SEDNA

Employee education teaches the value and functionality of SEDNA, while backend technical collaboration ensures a smooth path for rollout and normalization.

Adapt Your Systems

Working with your IT team, we ensure successful DNS configuration, third-party system integration, and Single Sign-On setup.

Empower Internal Admins

Hands-on training for your organization’s admin users gives them the tools and knowledge needed to manage day-to-day SEDNA use.

Discrepancy Analysis

Before SEDNA goes live, we conduct acceptance testing and workflow validation to confirm that everything is working exactly as it should.

We Optimize Adoption and Use of SEDNA

When SEDNA goes live, your digital transformation is just getting started—and we optimize that transformation through stakeholder feedback and adoption gap analysis.

Smooth Transition

We make sure the data migration process minimizes downtime and delivers an accurate transfer of your historical email—even when it numbers in the millions.

Post-Launch Review

Once your organization is filled with SEDNA users, feedback and adoption analysis guide additional training that lets your team maximize collaboration and time-saving.

Dependable Support

Globally distributed Support Teams, a web-based Help Centre, and education library are available 24/7 to provide guidance and address technical difficulties.