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The SEDNA + AXSMarine partnership and integration is helping organisations meet the requirements of agile, fast paced, collaborative working environments. Discover how in our platform demo.


CCO at AXSMarine

Stephen Fletcher is a senior executive with nearly 35 years in commercial shipping and service companies.

Stephen has broad experience, is approachable, widely travelled, and networked. He’s worked in Europe, North & South America and Asia, and today leads the AXSMarine Sales and Customer Success teams to deliver our All-in-One Chartering Solutions, ensuring client satisfaction at all times.

Industry Principal, Maritime at SEDNA

For the past six years, Robin has helped introduce SEDNA to many of the world’s leading maritime and commodities organizations, ​​leveraging his background in security, infrastructure, and broader digital transformation.

Before embarking on his journey with SEDNA he spent 11 years in the UK, Switzerland and Canada working in shipping, commodities, and financial services. Robin acted as Process, Data, and Technology lead at Cargill’s ocean transportation business, and as an Information Risk Manager at Barclays’ wealth management business.

As SEDNA’s Industry Principle for Maritime, he remains committed to helping SEDNA’s customers achieve effortless operations.