SEDNA for Oil and Energy Companies:

Re-Energize Your Business Operations

Give your people the spark they need to thrive with SEDNA–a new, light operations overlay of email management, team collaboration, data management and workflow engineering.

Industry Leaders Choose SEDNA

Move with Speed:
Eliminate Noise And Reveal Opportunity

Fix, transport, and trade faster. An inbox that serves important messages directly to you frees you up to act and deliver before the competition can.

Less Uncertainty, More Margin:
Avoid Bottlenecks and Mitigate Risk With 100% Clarity

Line of sight at every stage of the journey—from extraction to, to fixture, to sale—is your new superpower. Assign work, track progress, and reduce oversight from your communications streams across all stakeholders and clients.

Stay Sharp:
Keep on Top of the Evolving Market

Intelligent integrations let your existing business systems work for you. Automated in-app data retrieval and message population makes your inbox the center of the action.

Make Email Your Competitive Advantage

Traditional inboxes weren’t built to help your business. SEDNA is.

Automatic message intelligence, ETA and SLA tracking, and integrations built for industry-standard software–including SAP, Veson IMOS, Q88, AXSMarine, and many more–are driving the delight of SEDNA customers and their clients.

Start powering your business with the only inbox solution purpose-built for modern oil and energy operations.

Data Protection That Builds Trust

Your security is our top priority. SEDNA’s enterprise-grade security architecture, verification network, and industry leading security integrations ensure all your data is safe and secure.

Security First Functionality
ISO:27001:2013 Compliant
Compatible With Industry Standard EMail Security
Integrated MFA and SSO

Get Ahead of the Competition Now

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