SEDNA for Freight Forwarding:

Master Email, Operate Effortlessly

Make your inbox an operational advantage with SEDNA – the new way to seamlessly manage your team’s workload and provide sparkling customer service.

Top Shipping Companies Choose SEDNA

One Email, One Reader, One Action

Stop spending 100s of hours a week routing emails to the right people and use our smart email automation to make sure the important work is being done every day.

Understand the story around email

The important things to know when you receive an email often aren’t actually the message. Get your work done faster by pulling in all the information regarding a specific shipment from your TMS.

The Frequent Crowds Out The Important

SEDNA’s hyper-automation platform helps eliminate the hundreds of repeat tasks your team is doing a week and bubble’s up the highest priority emails.

Make Email Your Competitive Advantage

Traditional inboxes weren’t built to help your business. SEDNA is.

Email routing, cross team collaboration, data extraction and integrations like Cargowise, Sharepoint, SAP, and many more give your teams operational super power!

Start powering your business with the only inbox solution purpose-built for modern supply chain teams.

Data Protection That Builds Trust

Your security is our top priority. SEDNA’s enterprise-grade security architecture, verification network, and industry leading security integrations ensure all your data is safe and secure.

Security First Functionality
ISO:27001:2013 Compliant
Compatible With Industry Standard EMail Security
Integrated MFA and SSO

SEDNA Supports Commodities Organizations Across the Supply Chain

Get Ahead of the Competition Now

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