SEDNA and Abraxa Integration

Service port calls in record time using the Abraxa integration for SEDNA

How SEDNA Integrates with Abraxa

Port agencies can look forward to time saved (and mistakes prevented) when connecting Abraxa to SEDNA. 

This powerful pairing takes the data stored by Abraxa (including schedule, agent, and cargo details), and associates it automatically to relevant emails that you receive in SEDNA.

Whether reading or sending messages, your inbox lets you quickly check port call details, as well as create and complete Abraxa tasks—without having to switch apps.

Integrating Abraxa with SEDNA puts time back in the calendar of port agents, so that they can get busy providing best-in-class service.

Fast Access

Automatic tagging under one reference tag makes emails for each port call easy to recognize, organize, and action

Less Data Entry

You won’t have to lift a finger to see your data logged in Abraxa connected directly to relevant emails

Action with Ease

Generate new tasks in Abraxa—or complete existing ones—from inside your inbox

About Abraxa

Abraxa provides all the tools you need to get control and visibility of your port agency business and service your clients better than ever.

With the Abraxa integration for SEDNA, port call communication and management has never been easier.

Create One Shared Home for Tools and Workflows

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