SEDNA and AXSMarine Integration

Make ship fixture fast and easy, using the AXSMarine integration for SEDNA

How SEDNA Integrates with AXSMarine

Find critical fixture information quickly, and take the hassle out of writing messages, with SEDNA’s AXSMarine integration.

Turn vessel position and cargo information from AXSMarine into powerful inbox data. The AXSReader engine parses your incoming messages, and allows SEDNA to automatically apply relevant tags to each message. Now, you can access relevant message data more quickly, and find vessel information without having to leave your inbox.

And, when you’re using AXSMarine’s Cargobook or Ship List modules, one click is all it takes to generate a polished new message in SEDNA containing cargo and list data pulled directly from AXSMarine.

Save time, fix faster—that’s what’s possible with the AXSMarine integration for SEDNA.

Move Faster Than the Competition

Act on cargo and position information extracted automatically from your emails as they’re received

Be Organized, Save Time

Automatic tagging and sorting by SEDNA makes cargo and vessel data from AXSMarine simple to keep track of in your inbox

Execute with Ease

Empower your chartering and shipbroking teams to create auto-generated responses that arrive before the competition’s

About AXSMarine

AXSMarine provides all-in-one solutions to the dry cargo, tanker, and container shipping industries, enabling commercial shipping users to execute with velocity. 

AXSMarine modules for message parsing (AXSReader), cargo-vessel matching (Cargobook), and vessel position (Ship List) enable chartering and shipbroking teams to identify and fix lucrative opportunities fast.

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