SEDNA and Dataloy Integration

Synchronize voyage data straight to your inbox with the Dataloy integration for SEDNA

How SEDNA Integrates with Dataloy

Important voyage details don’t have to live outside your inbox—not when you’re using the Dataloy integration for SEDNA.

SEDNA pulls live data from voyages in Dataloy (including trade reference, vessel schedule and cargo details) and links that data to messages in your inbox related to each voyage.

The same browser you compose messages in will be able to tell you up-to-date discharge times, fuel consumption stats, port history, and more. 

Dataloy integrated with SEDNA means you always know where your vessels are and what they are up to—all without having to leave your inbox.

Keep On Top of Scheduling

At-a-glance live scheduling updates inside your inbox (even when composing or replying) to ensure you don’t miss a thing

Stay Organized, Save Time

Automatic tagging and sorting by SEDNA makes related messages and voyage data simple to find

Share Info With Ease

Add a voyage’s data to messages—or open that voyage in Dataloy—with just one click

About Dataloy

Dataloy’s Voyage Management System makes it easy for you to manage end-to-end voyage data, like discharge history, cargo information, trade reference, and so much more.

With the Dataloy integration for SEDNA, that same data is accessible directly from your inbox.

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