SEDNA and OrbitMI

Stay on top of voyages with the latest deviation alerts in your inbox

Faster, more transparent maritime operations

The SEDNA and OrbitMI integration provides a seamless flow of data across the two platforms, meaning that vessel owners, operators, and chartering teams can quickly get alerts and relevant details about ongoing voyages, like voyage status, position in the ocean and deviation on ETA, speed or consumption straight within their inbox. 

Plus, users can have easy access to a global map of the voyage they are tracking with its relevant dashboard in the Orbit interface.

Through unifying platforms and providing a single source of truth on key voyage information, you can act faster, increase transparency, and collaborate better.

Stay on top of ETA, speed, and consumption deviations

Real-time vessel performance insights from Orbit allow you to make optimisation decisions directly in your inbox.

Powerful data at your fingertips

Organise messages about ongoing voyages from Orbit in SEDNA, providing a single source of truth and the ability to prioritise and assign messages to your team.

Quick jump to OrbitMI

With a single click, see your voyage on a global map for real-time monitoring of position in the ocean and more rapid decision-making.

About OrbitMI

OrbitMI Inc. is a global provider of maritime software and data products working to accelerate digital transformation in maritime. Its vision is to unlock the hidden value in data generated by maritime to help the entire sector become more efficient, profitable and sustainable.

Create One Shared Home for Tools and Workflows

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