SEDNA Integration for SAP TM

Your Cargo Is Always In Sight With SAP TM For SEDNA

How SEDNA Integrates with SAP TM

The world trusts SAP Transportation Management to get cargo where it’s needed—and it gets there faster with the SAP TM integration for SEDNA.

That’s because SEDNA takes Customer Order information from SAP TM, and automatically assigns it to relevant messages in your inbox. Thanks to real-time data extraction, there’s no need to switch tabs to access order information, like Container Number and Transport Number—it’s all right there in your inbox!

Plus: you can open the Customer Order in SAP TM directly from messages in SEDNA. Now, your team has a one-click connection between their inbox and SAP TM.

With SAP TM for SEDNA, keeping cargo on time and customers happy is easier than ever.

Sort with Ease

Automatic tagging of messages and documents related to each order takes the stress out of finding what you need

Instant Access

Smoothly switch from SEDNA to SAP with one-click links that connect messages to their relevant Customer Order

Never Fall Behind

Act with confidence, knowing that order information that’s updated in SAP TM is automatically updated in SEDNA

About SAP TM

The SAP Transport Management (TM) platform is purpose-built primarily to supports you in all activities connected with the physical transportation of goods from one location to another.

Create One Shared Home for Tools and Workflows

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