Prepare for Your 1-2-1 Training

Now that you’re set up and live, it’s time to prepare for your live training session that will happen approximately XXXX days after you’ve set up your SEDNA system and XXXX before Launch Day. One of the best ways to prepare and become familiar with SEDNA is to work through our handy and concise SEDNA GUIDES. These guides are designed to make your transition from traditional email to SEDNA’s style of email seamless, so be sure to work through them (or watch the videos in your Welcome to SEDNA email if you prefer) before your training day!

Once you’ve worked through the training material, all you need to do is wait for your live Q&A session with one of SEDNA’s Solutions Architects. You’ll receive an email invite for this roughly XXXX after setting up your SEDNA system.

Remember, we also have a full range of information and support options that you can find in our Help Centre, and if you have any questions, you can always drop us a message at [email protected]

01 Fetch Your Credentials
02 Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication
03 Log in to SEDNA
04 Prepare for Your 1-2-1 Training
04 Prepare for Your 1-2-1 Training