Powerful Search Designed for Enterprise Email Solutions

SEDNA’s ultra-fast search makes finding exactly what you’re looking for—even among millions of emails, attachments, and files—faster and more precise than ever.

Create Faster Workflows

SEDNA’s search can parse millions of emails, documents, and notes in less than a second. So you can find whatever you need—and get back to work—instantly.   

Get Precise Keyword Accuracy

Zero in on specific queries and details with Boolean search, keyword combinations and omissions, and the ability to narrow searches by contact, type of content, inbox, outbox, and more. 

Search Everything In Your Inbox

And we mean everything. Search across messages, files, documents, attachments, contacts—you name it—leaving no stone in your inbox unturned to find just what you’re looking for, wherever it may be.

Say Goodbye to Stalling and Crashes

SEDNA’s powerful search functionality means you can wave goodbye to system crashes and stalling, no matter the amount of message or document volume, for a more reliable enterprise email solution.