Do more in SEDNA
with better control

Do more in SEDNA
with better control

Sedna product update: Important control settings video - click to play

Alhena gives you and your teams more control over your inbox. New features and improvements allow you to automate tasks, work faster, and see what’s happening in your day.

Features in Alhena

Screen shot of Sedna user interface showing important settings

Control what matters most to you and your teams

Your IT Admin now has control over your Important Settings.

Fine-tune and control the type of emails that are routed to your Important tab across teams.

Always know what’s next

Our first iteration of calendar for Solo Inboxes with MS Teams and Google Meet integration is here.

Users with a Solo Inbox can connect their calendars to SEDNA to view, create, and edit events and meetings.

Quickly see your availability, share it in Comments and schedule relevant meetings and events.

Sedna screenshot showing Sedna user interface with buckets and bookmarks renamed to live searches and saved searches

A new name for Bookmarks and Buckets

We’ve changed the names of these two key features to make them easier to understand. They will continue to work as before.

Bookmarks are now called Saved searches, as they allow you to easily save any search command and easily change your view of Sedna to this filter at the click of a button.

Buckets are called Live searches as they constantly scan your messages for new matches and surface notifications on new email.

Easily save any search command as a Saved search and enable notifications for it as a Live search.

Connected Apps

Enrich your organisation’s messages with data and context from your systems of record. You can easily find all new apps and integrations available to you in the new Connected Apps section on the sidebar.

Sedna screenshot showing Sedna user interface listing connected apps
Sedna screenshot of user interface showing where streams, live searches and saved searches have moved to

Easily reach key inboxes and features

Your Inboxes, Live searches (previously Buckets) and Saved searches (previously Bookmarks) are now at the top of the Sidebar.

Preview more documents

We’ve added preview support for .eml and .msg attachments.

Screenshots in Sedna showing preview of documents
Sedna screen shot showing formatting in composer

Compose emails faster

We’ve improved the formatting and copy & pasting functionality, making it even easier to respond to emails.

Workflow automation

Photograph showing the ocean with 3 cargo ships

Workflow automation

Elevate your SEDNA experience with faster ways to complete repetitive,
manual tasks.

Automate invoice processing, manage quoting effectively and easily keep track of SLAs and ETAs. SEDNA’s proprietary AI technology does the heavy lifting while you can focus on serving your customers..

Read more about some of our Workflow automation below.

To learn more about all our apps and integrations, open SEDNA and launch into the Connected Apps page now.

Personal Data removal

Safeguard regulatory compliance by easily identifying,
tagging, and removing Personal Identifiable
Information (PII).

Photo of man looking at computer screen with Sedna user interface screen shots showing invoice processing screens

Invoice processing

Handle voyage payments in Maritime, Freight
Forwarding and Trucking even faster by processing
invoices automatically.

Quote automation

Extract key data from your vendor quotes to instantly understand who is providing you the best rates.

Photo showing woman looking at screen with screen shots of Sedna quote automation interface

Alhena is here

Try our latest features and enhancements

Visit the Polaris page for details of our previous release