Service Level Agreement

1. Your Coverage

1.1 Our Customer Support team is available to help you twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week, three hundred and sixty-five (365) days a year.

1.2 You can contact our team in three ways: i) by email at [email protected], ii) through our  Customer Support Portal at and iii) using our SEDNA in-app support portal (“Channels”).

1.3 Our Customer Support team communicates with you in English.

1.4 Customer Support

1.4.1 Triages defects in SEDNA;

1.4.2 Triages any SEDNA performance issues;

1.4.3 Assists your IT department with user administration issues (password reset, MFA, user permissions);

1.4.4 Answers incidental questions about the proper use of SEDNA.

1.5 Customer Support does not include:

1.5.1 Password Resets and User Management. To protect the security and integrity of your data, password resets and user management/creation is the responsibility of your IT department;

1.5.2 Conducting personal training, or onboarding, of new, or existing, users;

1.5.3 Creating, maintaining and providing support of the SEDNA APIs. For API support please refer to

2. Our Responsiveness

2.1 Acknowledgement and initial response

2.1.1 Our Customer Support team uses reasonable efforts to respond to your request, received through one of the Channels, within the following timelines: For critical issues that result in a SEDNA outage or severely degraded service (i.e. multiple users unable to login to SEDNA, send a message or view their messages), our team is committed to sending an acknowledgement and initial response within one hour. For all other issues, our team intends to respond within four hours.

2.1.2 SEDNA Systems publicly posts its First Response Times at

2.2 Corrective Action

For critical issues, our  Customer Support team will use reasonable efforts to provide a solution, workaround or action plan for resolution (“Corrective Action”) within four (4) hours of initial receipt of the support request properly submitted through one of our Channels. Corrective Actions for critical issues will be communicated to the customer via our Status Page,, Corrective Actions for non-critical issues will be communicated to the customer via one of the Channels.

2.3 Third-party services

In case an issue or outage is the result of any third-party products or services (such as an external mail client or integration), our Customer Support team will use reasonable efforts to reach out to such third-party and provide, where applicable, reasonable cooperation to get the matter resolved as soon as possible.

3. Amendment

SEDNA Systems reserves the right to amend the SEDNA Customer Support Service Level Agreement at any point in time. We will provide our customers with reasonable notice when changes are made, e.g. by displaying a notice on our website or by sending an email.

SEDNA Service Level Agreement – Service Availability

We guarantee uptime for SEDNA of at least 99.5% (i.e. 24 hours a day, seven days a week) computed over a calendar year, also known as our services availability rate.

Specifically excluded from the calculation of the service availability are:

  • scheduled system maintenance to be performed by us from time to time.
  • delays or failures caused by the use of equipment, software, hardware and/or services provided by your third-party vendors;
  • issues arising from misuse of SEDNA by you or any of your contractors, agents or representatives; and
  • any unforeseeable events that are beyond our reasonable control (force majeure).

In cases where scheduled system maintenance is required, we will provide you with advanced notice.

You can view current system status and historical availability metrics via our Status page,, as well as subscribing to incident notifications.