Shared Inbox Software to Reduce Email Volume and Management Time

From removing the need to send emails about emails to ending hours of manual folder organization, SEDNA’s shared inboxes free teams from bloated message volume, fragmented communications, and wasted time that come with siloed, traditional email. 

Cut Email Volume by up to 95%

Centralized, shared inboxes with controlled access for relevant team members create a single source of truth and shared place of action.

The ability to see each email—along with its original thread and surrounding notes, comments, tags, documents. and people involved via its Activity Panel—eliminates the need for forwards, reply-alls, and context catch-ups to significantly reduce email volume. 

Gain Visibility Across Team Communications

There’s just one instance of each email in SEDNA (no unnecessary duplication through forwards or carbon copying) complete with automatic contextual information through features like Auto-Tagging. This allows for a cleaner inbox, greater accountability, and easily discoverable information within and across teams.

Make Collaborating So Much Easier

Find a wealth of information and context for each email in its Activity Panel. The Activity Panel includes a time-stamped log that tracks who’s seen and responded to each message—with a link to any reply emails—as well as commenting and notification functionality for team discussion and collaboration, right then and there. 

Search Everything at Lightning-Fast Speed

Finding what you need is faster, simpler, and more accurate with SEDNA’s shared inbox software. Ultra-powerful SEDNA Search is incredibly fast and allows you to parse everything from messages, to attachments and files, to tags, surfacing exactly what you’re looking for in under one second. 

Enjoy These Features and More With SEDNA’s Shared Inbox Software


surface and prioritize emails as they come in based on specific search terms.


allow you to rename, categorize, and update attachments right within your shared inbox.


intelligently categorizes, organizes, and provides contextual information based on message data.


great for brainstorms, meetings, or internal communications—can be shared with a single click.


acts as an integration portal, allowing you to interact with third-party tools directly from within SEDNA’s shared inbox interface.

Shareable Bookmarks

save your most important searches and easily share them with members of your team.