Extract intelligence from your systems and into your SEDNA inbox

How Shelly enables automation in your SEDNA inbox

Using smart, custom built AI, Shelly pulls information such as booking forms, invoices, and quotes from multiple systems and directly into the SEDNA platform. By converting all emails and attachments into readable text within the SEDNA platform, users can search for data points customers need and categorize information, before compiling, converting and extracting the data to take action.

This dramatically reduces overall email volume and manual work while increasing transparency and empowering teams to make smarter decisions throughout the organization.

Smart automations

Our expert team works with you to automate and optimize your business processes

Efficiency & transparency
Reduced email volume and easy access to context leads to faster and better decision making
Structured data
Turn your email into a situational awareness board, allowing a macro view of your business

About Shelly

Shelly is an advanced email automation platform that utilizes artificial intelligence, pattern matching, and natural language processing to build workflows that reduce manual activities inside of your inbox. By connecting directly with email systems, Shelly can read text and attachment data, extracting meaningful content that can trigger actions and send data to other systems.

Our expert team works with organizations to design and implement bespoke automations for business processes–streamlining workflows, improving efficiency and supporting better decision making.

Hear how Casper Group saw a time saving of 37.5 hours per week by implementing SEDNA’s Shelly feature

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