One Shared Home for All Tools and Workflows

SEDNA’s digital workspace acts as a home base for team and company-wide projects, integrating third-party tools and data necessary for your day-to-day tasks.

“It’s brilliant, really, everything is in one place. So it makes [everything] a lot quicker.”

“It’s brilliant, really, everything is in one place.
So it makes [everything] a lot quicker.”

Monique Costantino,
Commercial Manager

Have Everything You Need In One Place

Have Everything You Need
In One Place

Explore SEDNA’s open integration capabilities to bring disconnected systems together for more convenient access and faster execution. Some of SEDNA’s current integrations include:


Update opportunities, review deal information, and add notes and tasks in Salesforce directly from within SEDNA.

Google Drive and SharePoint

Make file sharing, updating, and collaboration effortless with SEDNA’s document management integrations.

Shipping and Logistics

From Q88 to Veson IMOS to SAP TMS—and more—SEDNA’s got the shipping and global trade industry’s most-used technology covered.

Swap Context-Switching for
Uninterrupted Focus

Swap Context-Switching for
Uninterrupted Focus

SEDNA Link creates a direct, actionable portal to apps, tools, and software integrated with the SEDNA platform. It works around individual messages to:

Embed Workflows

Instead of jumping between tabs and systems (risking lost focus and wasted time), connect with external tools from right within SEDNA.

Import and Update Data

Get an email with information that needs to be updated elsewhere? Take immediate action with just a few clicks—whether you’re on desktop or mobile.

Provide Instant Context

Syncing with messages individually, SEDNA Link uses their specific metadata, categories, tags, and associated actions to surface and work with the most relevant and accurate information.

Unlock Possibilities With an Open API

Unlock Possibilities With an Open API

Endless integration opportunities live through SEDNA’s open API (Application Programming Interface) program, created to open the door for customization and accelerated implementation of third-party technology.

With enterprise companies and large-scale operations particularly in mind, SEDNA’s open API makes merging almost any existing software with its platform a possibility—creating a truly unified digital workspace that accommodates the tech stack and unique needs of each organization.

Open directly to developers or as part of your digital transformation plan, customized integration options are relatively unlimited.

Industry Leaders Rely on Our
Intelligent Communications System

Industry Leaders Rely on Our Intelligent Communications System

What Teams Are Saying About SEDNA

“The difference in [remote] new hires’ progress that we have seen, from people who are on SEDNA to who are not on SEDNA, is night and day. SEDNA provides what I call ‘wholeness of data,’ meaning all the historical information is all in one place.”


Ha Eun Ruppelt

Commercial Project Manager Ardmore Shipping

“Switching to SEDNA gives us the chance to re-examine our workflows and potentially save hours every day in team collaboration.”


Sture Freudenreich

Head of IT D/S

“Part of bringing SEDNA in was about collaboration. And the good thing with SEDNA is that having staff working remotely isn’t really compromising the collaboration. It should be as if two people are still sitting side by side.”


Rod Steele

Head of IT
Wallem Group

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