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As an intelligent communications solution for high-performance work, SEDNA continuously improves team productivity and organizational self-awareness.

“Everyone using another tool for team email is living in the past.”

“Everyone using another tool for team email is living in the past.”

Berend Luger,
Project Manager

Turn Emails Into Time Saved

Turn Emails Into Time Saved

Every email received and sent within SEDNA’s shared inbox is used to inform future actions, optimizing workflows immediately and over time.

As emails come in, they’re transformed into data—automatically organizing themselves by category, project, and people involved—and enriched with relevant details in the message’s Activity Panel. SEDNA’s Auto-Tagging feature uses a message’s metadata or manually specified criteria to properly route and categorize emails, saving and building on this knowledge as time goes on and more data is collected.

Basically, SEDNA thinks of the little things so you can focus on the bigger things—giving time and energy back to your team that would otherwise be spent organizing folders, forwarding to relevant parties, playing telephone with project context, and searching in individual inboxes for critical information.

Harness Data for Better Workflows

Harness Data for Better Workflows

Instead of having fragmented data across different tools and systems, SEDNA allows third-party information to be centralized and acted on in one accessible place—and just a few clicks.

Limitless integrations are available through SEDNA’s open API and made handy with SEDNA Link, a development toolkit that hosts a dialogue between SEDNA and an outside tool to make updates in both. Working with message details based on tagging and metadata, SEDNA Link embeds a workflow with information and actions tailored to that message. So not only are you importing third-party data for a more intelligent and accurate workspace, you’re also able to take action without having to switch tools.

Integrations with Salesforce, Google Drive, SharePoint, and several shipping-industry tools like Q88 and IMOS are available via SEDNA Link, with more being continually added and customized options available.

Get Valuable Insights for Informed Decisions

Get Valuable Insights for Informed Decisions

Vanity metrics need not apply. For data to be valuable, it needs to be actionable—whether for workflow optimization, competitive advantage, improved customer service, or general organizational insight—so it can be used to drive your business forward.

SEDNA continuously tracks and is able to provide meaningful analytics from your communications and team activity that give visibility into what’s working, what’s not, and where the action is happening. From message response time to honour service-level agreements, to sender and sendee engagement ratios, to comments, emails, and tagging metrics by team for a bird’s-eye-view of overall and team-based communications and performance, SEDNA’s data insights ensure you have the details you need to make the best decisions.

Industry Leaders Rely on Our
Intelligent Communications System

Industry Leaders Rely on Our Intelligent Communications System

What Teams Are Saying About SEDNA

“The difference in [remote] new hires’ progress that we have seen, from people who are on SEDNA to who are not on SEDNA, is night and day. SEDNA provides what I call ‘wholeness of data,’ meaning all the historical information is all in one place.”


Ha Eun Ruppelt

Commercial Project Manager Ardmore Shipping

“Switching to SEDNA gives us the chance to re-examine our workflows and potentially save hours every day in team collaboration.”


Sture Freudenreich

Head of IT D/S

“Part of bringing SEDNA in was about collaboration. And the good thing with SEDNA is that having staff working remotely isn’t really compromising the collaboration. It should be as if two people are still sitting side by side.”


Rod Steele

Head of IT
Wallem Group

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