Chartering Managers

Stay On Top of the Market and Ahead of the Competition

When you’re managing up to thousands of messages per day and timing can mean the difference between a job won or lost, SEDNA is there to bring focus, clarity, and speed to your communications.
“Our previous email system was at the max of its capacities in processing 1,300 emails per day. We were storing and processing so many emails that by dragging and dropping an email from the inbox to the designated folder, it was taking up to 5 or 10 seconds per email.”
Chartering Manager

When Every Detail and Every Second Counts

Traditional email wasn’t designed for the overwhelming message volume and high-level scrutiny Chartering Managers deal with every day.


Critical Information Gets Buried

Back-and-forth emails with brokers and cargo suppliers, continuous contract and client management, and the internal cooperation needed to get everything done can add up to thousands of messages—each with potentially crucial details—daily.


See More, Make More

No more carbon copies, reply-alls, or forwards that add to the noise and message volume of traditional email systems. Just a clear, comprehensive, intelligently organized view of every message coming through, so that you can prioritize, communicate, and fix more ships, faster.


More Noise Means More Mistakes

An increasingly bloated inbox full of siloed conversations and email threads creates more opportunity for time-sensitive information to either slip through the cracks completely or go unnoticed until it’s too late.


Find Everything You Need, When You Need It

Have all of your communications in one place with private and team inboxes accessible through a shared workspace that reduces email volume up to 95%. Instantly surface data—anywhere it may be—with lightning-fast search that parses millions of messages in less than a second.


Timing Is Everything

Staying on top of—and reacting quickly to—volatile markets is key to keeping a competitive edge. Whether it’s an oversight on cargo availability or missing out on rate changes, a few seconds can make all the difference. 


Stay On Top and Stay Competitive

Keep your competitive edge with the ability to receive, find, and share information faster and more securely with your contacts. With SEDNA for desktop and mobile, there’s no time or place you can’t work from or be reached at. 

SEDNA Gives Chartering Managers the Focus and Organization to Work Faster

How Viterra’s Chartering Department Cut Email Volume by 95%

Viterra slashed email volume by 95% and nearly eliminated manual filing with SEDNA, helping them save time, increase productivity, and work more effectively. Grab the free case study for details on how they did it.