IT Managers

Easily Onboard a More Seamless, Secure Team Communications Solution

Turn your organization’s email into a more efficient, secure, and intelligent digital workspace that seamlessly plugs into existing tech stacks and can be implemented without the usual headaches.
“Switching to SEDNA gives us the chance to re-examine our workflows and save hours every day in team collaboration.”
Head of IT

When You’re Putting Time Into Switching Technology, Make Sure It’s Worth It

SEDNA’s guided digital transformation process is not only designed for quick and thorough implementation, it leads to hours saved daily, boosted email security, and happy team members.


Onboarding Is Complicated 

The thought of switching email solutions for even small companies—let alone enterprise—likely puts IT Managers in instant calculation mode. How much time will this take? How much data will you need to migrate? How much hand-holding will you have to do to onboard the whole team?


Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

Our digital transformation process is designed to make your team’s life easier without making yours any harder. We work with and for you, from assessing your existing setup, to successful DNS and integration configuration, to ensuring minimal downtime for data migration, to training both admin and end users, and more.


Security Breaches Are Always a Threat

Traditional email solutions are constantly targeted for and at risk of cybersecurity threats, with the siloed, disjointed nature of individual inboxes making it that much easier for phishing attempts or suspicious activity to go undetected.


Tighter Security for the Whole Team

Address book verification, Single sign-on, Multi-factor authentication, secure cloud-based hosting, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, and Verified by SEDNA—which authenticates messages sent within the SEDNA network—ensure data privacy and communications are firmly protected. And shared inboxes mean everyone can see a potentially risky message come in and immediately flag IT by commenting on it and tagging the right person.


Where’s the ROI?

Any time an organization onboards new technology, the hours put in have to be accounted for. It can be tough to know, before diving in, whether the time and effort dedicated to preparation, implementation, and onboarding will be worth it.


Spend a Little Time, Save a Lot

The time put into switching to SEDNA will start making up for itself the minute your team starts using it. Between a significant reduction in email volume, hyper-fast and powerful search, data and app centralization through integrations, and intelligent organization that simplifies workflows across teams, as many as 2 hours—per day, per user—are gained back.

Build Reliability, Security, and Efficiency Into Your Organization’s Tech Stack

How NORDEN Brought Focus and Simplicity to Their Workflows

NORDEN’s Head of IT drastically reduced email volume, streamlined internal communication, and centralized existing systems and data sources by switching to SEDNA.