Operations Managers

Get the Visibility You Need for Seamless Vessel Management

Maintain clear sight of vessel information, external and internal team communications, and all actions associated 
for smoother, more efficient, and more productive 
day-to-day operations.
“If you’re an Operator, you don’t have to read the thousand emails a day. You can just read those that are relevant to you. So it really changes how you can operate in one big mailbox, but be sure that you don’t miss anything.”
Chief Digital Officer

Traditional Inboxes Create Communication Silos and Bloated Email Volume

As the “eyes and ears” of a vessel, Operations Managers need clear visibility of every relevant action, message, and piece of information—things individual inboxes make more difficult than they have to be.


Too Many Emails, Too Many Distractions

An overwhelming volume of emails makes it hard to know about, find, and act on messages that are relevant—or even critical—to vessel operations.


Fewer Emails, Greater Focus

Get a clear, uncluttered view of personal and org-wide communications. Have incoming messages categorized and surfaced using vessel and voyage data, thanks to intelligent shared inboxes that cut email volume by up to 95%.


Vital Information Gets Lost

Missing out on vessel information that’s unintentionally hidden in someone else’s email thread, or buried among hundreds of unrelated messages, can have big consequences, like late claims and time bars.


Instantly Surface What You Need to See

Increase port productivity and team efficiency with at-a-glance visibility of vessel updates, activity, and associated tasks. SEDNA’s shared inboxes and ultra-powerful search functionality make every detail you need readily available or instantly discoverable.


Management Is Time-Consuming

Organizing information and communications around so many (literal) moving parts is a logistical time drain, with each voyage folder requiring manual maintenance and updating.


Intelligent Automation Instead Of Manual Frustration

Get valuable time back with intelligently organized inboxes that prioritize and group incoming and existing messages based on vessel and voyage data, for simplified workflows that do the administrative work for you. And with everything in one convenient, shared space, getting new teammates up to speed is that much easier.

SEDNA Gives Operations Managers Visibility, Focus, and More Time Back

How Western Bulk Revolutionized 
Their Workflows

Learn how Western Bulk Operators reduced email overload and saved 2-4 hours per day 
in manual filing with SEDNA.