Port Agents

Communicate and Collaborate Faster, From Anywhere

Swap disjointed email and task management for an intelligent shared inbox that gives full visibility of external and team communications, and actions taken—whether you’re on desktop or mobile.
“SEDNA’s ‘one mailbox, one-team concept’ has strengthened the communication and collaboration of our teams across the board.”
Commercial Manager

For a 24/7 Job That Requires Seamless Communication and Teamwork

In a highly competitive and high-pressure industry, being in the know, quick to act, and able to work together makes all the difference. If you’re using traditional email as a Port Agent, it’s slowing you down in more ways than one.


Too Many Emails, Too Many Distractions

An ever-increasing volume of emails makes it that much harder to know of, find, and act on ones that are relevant—or even crucial—to port calls and enquiries.


Fewer Emails, Greater Focus

Get a clear, uncluttered view of personal and org-wide communications. Have incoming messages categorized and surfaced using port and vessel data, with intelligent shared inboxes that reduce email volume as much as 95%. Identify, turn around, and schedule port calls without having to dig through mounds of unrelated messages.


Collaboration Is Stifled

Individual inboxes used solely for email create communication silos that unintentionally hide information and status updates, leaving you to chase team members in order to get work done.


Turn Email Into a Collaborative Workspace

Shared inboxes with commenting and software integrations give you full visibility of communication threads, relevant data, and task management. Easily identify high-priority activities and assign the right people to the task, fast.


Tied to Multiple Platforms 24/7

In a job that never really stops, the more time you spend searching for information, switching between tabs, devices, and platforms, or being occupied by distractions, the more work and stress is being added to your day.


Have Everything You Need, on the Go

Whether you’re sitting at a computer or running from port to port, SEDNA for desktop and mobile gives you the access and functionality necessary for quick, informed action. Get a comprehensive, intelligently organized view of all messages, port and vessel information, and team activity in one convenient place.

Supercharge Your Agency and Team Performance With Speed and Reliability

Monson Agencies Reduced Email Volume by 90% With SEDNA

Learn how agents at Monson slashed their email volume, boosted productivity among teams, and saved hours of time by switching to SEDNA.