Keep a Competitive Edge With Speed and Reliability on Your Side

Be the first to know, the first to respond, and the first to trade with an intelligently organized, clutter-free, instantly searchable inbox solution you can access from anywhere.
“Covid showed us—even if people didn’t realise before— that there is a better system than our old system, purely because it [SEDNA] is fast and it’s collaborative. We don’t need a lot of clever features for our email system but speed is absolutely vital to a competitive broking house.”

When Trust, Accuracy, and Responsiveness Make the Difference

Standing out and being successful as a Shipbroker isn’t easy—it requires constant communication, navigating often repetitive information, and maintaining a reputation as someone others can implicitly trust. If you’re using traditional email, your efforts are being undermined by a solution that wasn’t designed for you.


You Can’t Respond to What You Don’t See

Email volume can quickly build up in individual inboxes through endless threads, forwards, carbon copies, and reply-alls. Sheer volume and irrelevant messages can be overwhelming and distracting, burying the critical information that you need front and center.


See What’s Relevant to See More Profits

Cut through noise instantly, thanks to significantly reduced email volume and the ability to automatically sort and prioritize messages based on relevant criteria. Now you can immediately find the information you need, start conversations, and make more trades.


Small Mistakes Have Big Consequences

Managing several lines of communication, navigating a constant influx of information, and continuously assessing sources can make it difficult to nail down every little detail. But accuracy, and the trust that comes with it, is necessary for building key relationships.


Make Fewer Mistakes, Build More Trust

Reduce your odds of oversight, or of acting on the wrong information, by using a shared inbox that gives full visibility and context for trade communications and action. When you have the full picture—and every relevant detail—you can be sure you’re passing the right information along.


When Every Second Counts

“Sleeping on the job” for Shipbrokers can amount to a quick nap—if you’re the third to know about a new ship available or aren’t readily available for key contacts, those lost seconds can add up to lost deals, lost profits, and lost commissions.


First to Respond, First to Trade

When the most critical emails are filtered and prioritized at the top of your inbox and your network is immediately accessible in one place—whether you’re on desktop or mobile—you can be in the know and act fast, from anywhere.

SEDNA Helps Shipbrokers Build Business and Make More Trades

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