Trade Execution

Take Back Time and Control to Focus On What Matters

Spend less time managing emails and tracking down information and more time focusing on your supply chain with a communications solution designed for you.
“Through SEDNA and the integration with SAP and Softmar, the teams could see the information that was most relevant to them and gain visibility through the entire process.”
Finance, Senior Manager

When Timing Means Everything, Take Back Every Minute You Can

Superior organization and time management are necessary to being at the centre of a supply chain—things traditional email and individual inboxes aren’t optimized to support.


Scarce Time Is Needlessly Wasted

Staying on top of a constant stream of emails, manually organizing folders, and searching for what may be a crucial detail in an ever-expanding inbox take away precious time that could be better spent elsewhere.


Make Each Second Productive

With shared inboxes that cut email volume by up to 95%, intelligent organization that automatically categorizes and prioritizes messages based on supply and vessel data, and ultra-powerful search that can find even the most obscure details among millions of messages in under one second, as many as 550 hours per week have been put back in SEDNA customers’ hands.


Information Gaps Widen

Individual, siloed inboxes and disjointed task management tracking mean critical information, conversations, and actions taken can fall through the cracks or be unaccounted for, leaving you to do the chasing and following up.


Greater Visibility, Greater Control

Get visibility into all external and internal team communications, time-stamped activity of who’s seen each message and when, actions taken through replies or in-app commenting, and all categorical information for complete and actionable supply chain insight—whether you’re on desktop or mobile.


Disconnection Creates Confusion

All of the details, data, communications, and general “moving parts” that come with supply chain management mean a lot needs to be accounted for—accurately—all while working quickly and flexibly. Having everything in different inboxes, tools, or platforms can create constant context-switching and knowledge gaps.


Have Everything in One Convenient Place

All of your personal and team communications are handy in one uncluttered, automatically organized digital workspace. And the ability to easily plug in third-party apps and data, like SharePoint and SAP, further centralizes the information you need. Not only does this make information more readily available, it creates a single source of truth that gets everyone on the same page.

Spend Less Time Managing Emails and More Time Managing the Supply Chain

How Bunge Unified 
Their Supply Chain 

Learn how Bunge reduced time managing emails, got better visibility into supply chain operations, and created more cohesive processes across different teams by switching to SEDNA.