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Unlock effortless operations using your most valuable resource

Illuminate critical operational information and rethink your comms with a smarter, better and faster way to work— in 4 easy steps.

Chapter 1
Unlock your most valuable data where it’s drowning.
Chapter 2
Email chaos is the new status quo.
Chapter 3
SEDNA makes operational friction a piece of fiction.
Chapter 4
Welcome to effortless operations.

Ready, aim, fire at operational friction

Companies are looking for new ways to kill operational friction. And who can blame them when remote working, supply chain disruption and geopolitical issues have become the norm over the last few years?

Risk, complexity and volatility are on the rise. As a result, operations and processes are in the spotlight.

It also means all eyes are on email

Your core business applications containing operational data are more important than ever — and email is the most important tool of all. It’s not just the center of communications.

Data management, collaboration and workflow engineering are core components of knowledge-based businesses. With the right tools, this can all be enhanced by the right operational ecosystem. So why do so many organizations leave the potential of their most-used platform to waste?

Data fragmentation, disconnected workflows and slow responsiveness all add up to operational friction. And — here’s the bad news — we’re all just used to it.

If you want to get ready for change and all the challenges that entails, you should be in the business of killing operational friction. (And yes, that starts with a fresh look at your email).

So dust off your throwing stars and samurai swords. It’s time to go to battle.

What does a world of enhanced email look like?


Rescue your most valuable data from where it’s drowning

Take your first step on the path to effortless operations.

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Of office workers say “email fatigue” is likely to push them to quit their jobs. When only 38% of emails people receive are relevant and important, the other 62% of email overload can cost you.

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Of people say that being unable to find information you know someone emailed you is a problem. Even a few minutes of lost time searching through the email heap can be the difference between winning and losing a contract. When it comes to big potential wins, every email counts.

Email chaos is more than just a people problem. It’s an operational problem

Most data gold lurking in your most valuable resource is yet to be uncovered. That’s crucial information that’s unstructured and untapped about contracts, transactional data, historic operational data and logistics.

Every piece of the data pie helps you to analyze and act on its whole. It helps you speed up your workflows, power productivity and open up a whole new world for your operations. But in most organizations, it’s left untouched.

When it comes to email, people don’t seem to mind this

But would you leave vital operational insight locked in any other platform? We didn’t think so.

Everything you need to turn things around is hiding in plain sight: data about customers, contracts, proposals and critical transactions and relationships.

Seems kind of strange that you’d leave that to languish, right?

When you unlock that data, share it with your teams and connect it to other vital business data in other apps and systems of record, big changes abound.

Your teams will collaborate better, you’ll transform customer service and support and you’ll sell more.

It’s the kind of thing that helps you cut down the competition and power up performance.

Why isn’t everyone on the road to operational agility?


Email chaos is the new status quo

The second step of effortless operations means fighting friction.

Email chaos is the cockroach of the internet

It. Just. Won’t. Die.

But why should we expect a platform that wasn’t built for the way we work now to be anything else?

A huge amount of vital business data is trapped inside email and this untapped source is not only underutilized, but off the radar. For most companies, it’s unknowingly the center of data management, collaboration and workflow engineering — not just comms.

But people hate change

They’ve grown to love the cockroach, because that’s what they’re used to. They’ve learnt to live around it, so they don’t even really notice it anymore.

Email chaos workarounds, inefficient systems and apps are the norm thanks to email’s incompatibility with a team environment.

It’s easy to forget that this causes a huge amount of friction and information overload. It’s holding people back.

It’s also hard to see the problem they’ve left alone is actually at the center of (and blocking, big time) operational change.

But, there is another way.

It’s called effortless operations and it’s coming for the cockroach. Want to turn operational drag into diamonds?


SEDNA makes operational friction a piece of fiction

The third step towards effortless operations introduces a new solution.

SEDNA unlocks the information trapped in your email platforms — and the results are pretty spectacular.

Say hello to quicker responses, better team collaboration and faster, better outcomes. It’s the recipe for better business without the effort, meaning your organization can unlock innovation, increased revenues and growth at scale.

How do we achieve this? In three ways.

A meta-tagging architecture

A meta-tagging architecture

That exposes all the vital data locked into personal emails and makes that data usable for every member of the team.

It makes building more efficient workflows easy, and gives total transparency about what actions need to be taken, when and by whom. This transparency transcends teamwork, helping your organization as a whole gain visibility over SLAs, compliance and regulation, while keeping track of all operational detail through keywords, dates and custom-made alerts.

Easy integration

Easy integration

With any back-end system of record that permits greater operational agility.

Improve workflows and agility by keeping all of your organizational data connected in one place, creating a new kind of ecosystem that means you won’t miss a thing over your entire business.

A unique roles-based user interface

A unique roles-based user interface

That allows team members to collaborate in real-time on driving better outcomes.

Instant chat, lightning-fast search and an easily-accessed archive are all available at the touch of a button, on a familiar interface that will encourage input into a new kind of email ecosystem.

And don’t worry, it’ll leave your data where it lives today and your favorite apps untouched.

Sounds pretty sweet?


Welcome to effortless operations

Hurrah! Your fourth and final step towards a better way of working is here.

Getting to a promised email utopia isn’t just about eliminating the deluge of email. Inbox zero can be a small part of a wider picture: inbox hero.

The true value of an inbox that becomes an operational hub is not just about laboriously reading and archiving every last email, but automatically getting complex operational information to the right people, in the right place — and having visibility over everything without manual workarounds.

That’s why SEDNA doesn’t replace your email. It creates an operational ecosystem around your mailbox and empowers the people behind it to work better, smarter and faster.

SEDNA gives you:

A new ecosystem that doesn’t ditch email

Lightning-fast search, an endless archive and a new way to collaborate with real-time chat

New workflows that actually work.

So you can:

Make low-risk transformation possible

Build an infrastructure of collaboration that’s tied to your business

Do business better and win against the competition.

We’ve mapped out the path to effortless operations. What stage are you at on the journey?

Ready to sink your teeth into more insights? Take a look at our research on effortless operations.

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