Case Study

How Ardmore charterers saved an average of 2 hours a day by switching to SEDNA


Ardmore Shipping was facing a common problem: too many emails. But rather than live with 2 hours lost per person each day to email management, stalled searches and low collaboration, they looked for an email alternative. SEDNA was the solution.

The Problem

Email volume and storage at Ardmore caused huge slowdown for Chartering teams. Charterers would come in 1-3 hours early every day just to delete unnecessary emails.

Limited storage space, stalled inbox searches, and wasted employee time were all caused by too much email. Teams couldn’t do their work, or work with others, effectively.

The Solution

After spending a year looking at alternatives to traditional email, Ardmore started using SEDNA.

SEDNA offered a cloud-based, team-oriented email platform that removed the need to file thousands of emails each day. Reliable search also ensured that finding one specific message wouldn’t risk wasting valuable time. Meanwhile, transparency and sharing tools meant that individuals could work together more efficiently.

The Results

Ardmore’s Charterers could focus on their real work, because email management no longer required 1-3 hours a day. With an average of two hours saved each day, Charterers were better able to work, both on their own, and with their Operations team members.

How much time can you save?

Download the full case study to learn how it all worked.