How Viterra Reduced Email Volume by 95% With SEDNA

Learn how Viterra’s Chartering Department used SEDNA’s intelligent communications system to reduce internal email volume by 95% and eliminate manual filing by 99%.

Viterra is a world-leading agriculture business with more than 16,000 employees operating in 37 countries. Berend Luger, a Project Manager in Viterra’s Chartering Department, discussed with us how the organization embraced digitization and optimized their operations using SEDNA.

The Challenge: Tedious and Time-Sucking Email Management

Viterra found that not only could their traditional email service not handle their message volume, but that disjointed internal systems were further slowing their team’s productivity. Operators were reviewing 1,300 emails per day on top of crafting outgoing emails. Each person was dragging and dropping emails from their inbox to a predefined folder structure, in which each action, because of the loading and processing time, would take about 5 to 10 seconds—adding up to countless wasted hours.

The sheer volume of messages meant it was almost impossible for their team to read every single email, and they were constantly browsing subject lines and spiralling down endless searches to see if there was anything they needed to personally review or take action on.

“[Our email system] was at the max of its capacities in processing 1,300 emails per day. We were storing and processing so many emails that by dragging and dropping an email from the inbox to the designated folder, it was taking up to 5 or 10 seconds an email.” – Berend Luger

The Solution: Automatic Tagging, Super-Powered Search, and Custom Integrations

Viterra had two requirements for a new solution. First, it had to reduce its team’s workload and email management time by showing only the messages they needed to take action on. Second, it had to be user friendly, with fast search capabilities and availability on a mobile phone. SEDNA met these needs by matching both technical and operational requirements through their shared inbox system, tagging, and lightning-fast search functionality (able to parse millions of messages in less than a second).

“SEDNA delivers instant search results from over 4 million messages.” – Berend Luger

With SEDNA, operators saw only the messages they needed to through granular, targeted tagging, which removed requirements for manually filing into folders and processing outgoing emails—saving the team enormous amounts of time.

As well, integrating with an external application (for vessel vetting) via API created a synchronized data flow with SEDNA that automatically populated important information directly from an email and eliminated the excess time it would usually take for people to re-enter data between systems.

“The number of emails in the inbox to the operators with SEDNA was instantly reduced by 95%, which is huge…We [also] reduced the risk of overlooking emails as the operators are now only seeing the emails that were intended for them.” – Berend Luger

The Results: Better Workflows and More Time for the Work That Matters

By switching to SEDNA’s intelligent communications system, the team significantly reduced their email volume and management time, and decreased the risk of missing important information. They’re now able to:

  • Save time: Viterra eliminated manual filing in 99% of cases and reduced the total emails for operators by approximately 95%.

  • Increase productivity: Search in traditional email was taking several minutes to execute—SEDNA it was reduced to seconds. It was also previously taking up to 5 seconds to file an email, while tagging in SEDNA is instant.

  • Work more effectively: With reduced email volume and more time to process, Viterra reduced the risk of overlooking emails and having critical information slip through the cracks.

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