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Sedna AI allows you to utilise workflows, automation and plugins to power your communications.

Reduce email, stay compliant and maximise your P&L

We’re purpose built for AI

AI isn’t new to us. Since our inception we have focussed on intelligently identifying data points in email to help automate work and increase efficiency. With new advancements in entity recognition, language models and Natural Language Processing we are excited to be leading the way in integrating these solutions with email.

Email-powered learning

Email continues to be the main entry point for enterprise data, so it’s uniquely positioned to play a key role in the evolution of AI. Using email data puts us in an industry-leading position.

Sound familiar?

Overwhelmed by
the volume of
emails received

important emails,
causing business critical issues

Hours spent
routing and categorising emails

activities take up
too much time

What’s next?

Supercharged search

Sedna's current search capabilities lead the market in speed and efficiency. As our solutions grow we're looking to implement more Natural Language Processing capabilities - allowing  users to ask questions of their inbox e.g. ‘show me how many bunker invoices I received last month’.

Contextually aware data enrichment

Sedna already connects with third party systems of record and that will continue to grow as we integrate smarter solutions - proactively identifying data points and being able to instantaneously provide supporting details from other emails and third party systems.

Relationship mapping

As Sedna learns more about your inbox, we provide recommendations on effective workflows and actions. Through a combination of Al, entity mappings and tagging we are working on solutions to surface relationships directly related to your messages.