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Trade Execution

Manage cargoes collaboratively and positively impact P&L

Stream uses AI to organise and prioritise your inbox, ensuring the cargo is your focus.

Faster actions and decisions

Emails are contextualised with data from your third party systems and your team can make better decisions on the fly.

Visibility from a single source of truth

Collaborate with team members in seconds and easily access past information and decisions.

Before SednaAfter Sedna
Managing multiple systems slows down decision- making ‍and commoditised data makes it increasingly difficult to find ‍an edge.Quickly and easily identify, extract and find‍key market data from your inbox.
Missing opportunities and messages from important ‍contacts due to the chronological order of your inbox.Prioritised inbox ensuring the most important messages and opportunities are surfaced first.
Management has near zero visibility tocommunication occurring around the trade;handovers to Operations are time consuming.A platform with personal and shared inbox environments that enables private work and seamless collaboration alike.
Information and data is hidden in individual inboxes, third-party systems, attachments and email archives.All of the proprietary data you’ve ever createdacross platforms is easily searchable and accessible.
Before Sedna
Complicated processes require switching betweensystems and manual work, which increases admintime and leads to a higher risk of data inaccuracy.
It's difficult to assign and prioritise emails and tasksin a flood of emails needed to trade and fix vessels.Market information is buried in individual inboxes.
Teams work in silos, limiting transparency andteamwork. Documents and attachments are managedmanually and the most recent version is hard totrack down
After Sedna
Leveraging faster workflows around your existingsystems, your team can easily email opportunitiesto the market, straight from your system of record.
Prioritise your inbox easily: incoming emails areenriched with vital data from your ecosystem,prioritised, and organised. Advanced search featuresallow you to access key market information quickly.
Collaborate on complex projects with ease andin real-time. Manage attachments and documentversioning, while sharing important documents andupdates quickly.
“Through Sedna, teams see the information that’s most relevant to them and gain visibility through the entire process.”
Caio Trevizan
Business Transformation