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About the client
Bunge is a publicly-traded agribusiness that started in 1818. Today they have operations in over 40 countries with 24,000 employees.

Bunge revolutionised team collaboration to close deals with efficiency

The Challenge: Too much email noise and not enough collaboration

As part of Bunge's evolution to meet the ever-changing needs of a growing market, the company looked internally at how it was managing the flow of goods across the supply chain. They quickly discovered a lack of visibility and multiple disjointed processes and systems.

On top of this, they were facing stalled search against massive volumes of historical emails. They were spending too much time filing emails and waiting for their slow systems to catch up.

Serious businesses like Bunge need a serious email solution.

"Working with Sedna provides an opportunity to harmonise all of the systems we use to manage our emails across different functions."
-Caio Trevizan, Finance Senior Manager

The Solution: Automated, cloud-based communication driving visibility and action

Prioritisation in the inbox

Whether routing important emails and follow-ups or receiving notifications on urgent messages, Stream by Sedna adapted to Bunge's needs. People no longer needed to sift
through every single email, enabling them to close deals with efficiency.

Visibility and collaboration from a single source of truth

Tagging and commenting allowed Bunge's teams to collaborate in seconds and easily access historical information and decisions. When an email required attention from someone else, they could tag them in the comments instead of forwarding or sending another message. This reduced email volume and sped up important work.

"People felt that they were part of creating a better system. Which was a very different approach from what we've seen before in working with other software companies."
-Caio Trevizan, Finance Senior Manager

The Result: Enhanced productivity across teams

With Stream by Sedna, Bunge was able to cut through the noise, prioritise shipments and close deals with efficiency.

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